big breakupby Lisa Steadman

One of the questions I’m asked over and over is this:

“What mistakes did you make during your Big Breakup that you’d like other women to avoid”

My initial thought is, How much time have you got?

Truthfully, I committed many cardinal breakup sins along my journey towards Happily Ever After. Specifically…

– I stayed connected to my ex, falling in and out of bed with him for ONE YEAR after our second big breakup, hoping, praying, and wishing our obvious incompatibilities could be conquered by simply LOVING EACH OTHER (which we weren’t very good at to begin with!)

– While I dated other guys during that year, my heart was so connected to my ex that I pushed them all away (and lost out on some really great guys!

– I believed I WAS THE PROBLEM, I was a failure at love, and with nothing to look forward to in my future, why not stay stuck in the past?

– I stopped believing in myself, in my value, in my beauty, in my worth (this was the worst thing that happened!)

Are You Making These Mistakes in your own Big Breakup Recovery?

If so, how long are you going to punish yourself?

How long will you tell yourself that where you are is acceptable, that you deserve the pain you’re in, and that happily ever after only exists for other people?

How long are you willing to stay stuck in the pain of the past, with no hope of ever stepping into your magnificent future? What if you stopped beating yourself up today?

What would happen if you let go of your ex, stopped taking his calls, emails, and texts, and actually went cold turkey?

What MIGHT happen if you believed that there was someone else out there for you, someone BETTER SUITED for you, and that he was doing all his emotional work to get to you in record time? Wouldn’t you do the work necessary to reach him in record time?

Wouldn’t you start loving yourself more, treating yourself with kindness and compassion, and ask for the help you DESERVE?

I know you would. I know because I’ve been there, done the work, had the faith, and moved on to MY blissful future.

A New Post-Big Breakup Attitude

I’ve also seen it time and time again with the women I work with.

Just by signing up to work with me, they re-commit to a better future after a big breakup. They let go of their ex, put their focus back on THEIR journey, and amazing things begin to happen…

Creative inspiration strikes and they launch a new project, start a passion profession, or get a promotion

Shedding excess weight becomes easy and effortless (and is the best revenge!)

– Saying no to their ex invites new healthy and happy men into their life (and dating becomes oh so fun!)

Today, I invite you to stop making those mistakes that are killing your spirit. I want you to stop robbing yourself of your happiness after a big breakup.

From Sarah: Lisa Steadman is amazing. I had the pleasure of being introduced to her and having tea with her, and she’s just so real…and her story is so amazing. I know you’ll want to get her free newsletters and find out more about her coaching…especially if you’re suffering a broken heart right now. Just follow the link to find out more about recovering from your big breakup.

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