bad habitsby Virginia Feingold Clark

We have all had bad habits that we struggled to let go of. Why is it so hard? What makes them hang so tenaciously?

Bad habits help us to suppress and hide our unwanted emotions, and they can become a substitute for comfort, love and gratification.
Here are some ways to sooth yourself that are natural and ultimately much more satisfying!

1. Breath deeply; go outside, open your windows, take a walk through the neighborhood. Smell the springtime flowers.

2. Connect with a friend that might need to hear from you. Check in with someone who you know has been going through a hard time.

3. Clean out the old; clothes, toys, electronics, paperwork. Recycle or give things away to charity.

4. Shop at your farmer’s market; meet the people who grow the food and enjoy preparing and eating the seasonal produce.

5. Take a drive or a bike ride; explore an area where you’ve never been. A change of scene will open your eyes to new possibilities.

6. Make something; a necklace, a painting, a scarf, a loaf of bread.

7. Daydream; listen to music, meditate, nap in the middle of the day. Taking care of yourself helps relieve the pressure to continue bad habits.

8. Ask for help. If you need support, ask God, your spouse, a friend, your mother. Don’t be afraid of looking weak or needy, we all need someone or something to lean on in times of trouble.

As you take care of yourself emotionally, your need for your bad habits will diminish, and may even disappear.

Control Bad HabitsFrom Sarah: Virginia is a Certified Hypnotherapist and teacher of self-hypnosis. Since starting her private practice in 1998, she has helped hundreds of clients lead more successful and satisfying lives. Virginia is a member of the Network for Empowering Women, an officer for Worthwhile Referral Sources and is a certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Go here to find out more about controlling your bad habits.

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