by Marie Diamond

In order to get new things in your life you have to release old things. Look around in your home. If you are single, old things from past romances have to go. Put them all in a box and store it somewhere to tell the universe there is space for new romance. Let go of everything, even old images. Release it all.

Another task is to look at the images hanging on the walls in your home, especially in your bedroom. Are they boring, almost platonic, or “saintly?” Hang something hotter – like people holding each other or dancing. It needs to show something sparkly, not like two old people walking hand in hand on the beach. Images of people walking by water do not create sparks. Instead find something with two people cuddling in front of a fire, watching fireworks, or by candlelight. Or at least an image where fire is involved or there s red in the picture. Use any images with sparkles, red, or fire. If you don t have any images like this, look for something similar and put it in a red frame. Wooden images, such as a man offering flowers, are not hot enough. Have no water images at all.

Put a symbol of fire in your relationship corner to spark up your relationships.

You can also place the double happiness symbol in a red frame or the Chinese element for fire.

Look at what hangs on the wall above your headboard? If nothing hangs over the headboard then nothing will happen in your bed. Is it a picture that represents romance? If you re married, is it a picture of the two of you doing something romantic? It can be an image that reflects what you want. If you want more intimacy, more sexuality, you need to hang an image of that.

In the movies, you ll often see a man giving red flowers to a woman. By doing this they re showing more passionate love, more sparks. If you want to have a relationship that will culminate in marriage you use rose flowers. For a hot date use red flowers. Women should wear a red dress for a hot date. If fire is not your fortune element, wear red underwear or at least some item in red.

Create a vision board for relationship luck. This can be for attracting somebody new into your life or enhancing existing relationships.

Start by writing very specifically about what you are looking for, on an index card or small piece of paper. What kind of person do you want? What qualities do they need to have on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual? Think about cultural aspects you might want to attract in the person: Someone from work, your age, religion? Write in all the specifics.

Place your written intentions in the center of a poster board and put images that represent them all around it. Place an image of the right person or the right circumstance: sports fan, has money, invests in the stock market, business owner, motorcycle rider, big car, house in the country, travels, stays at home, music fan, etc. The more you specify, the more likely you ll get it.

The vision board needs to hang in your personal relationship direction (to find this, go to my site). East people place the image in the South (top center of the board); West people place it in the Southwest (top right).

Making a good match: There are lots of ways to try to find Mr. or Ms. Right. One possibility is to find someone that is one of your Chinese astrology allies. That is generally a good match. Or try to find someone whose fortune element supports yours – a wood person if yours is fire or a metal person if yours is water, etc.

Use items in pairs to send a message about your relationship It s important that you do not hang images of people alone. You also need to place items in pairs. Do this everywhere in your home if you re single; if you have a family, then just in your bedroom. Have two candles, two flowers, or two statues looking at each other. Any pictures of people should have them looking at each other.

Another activation is to look for your own Chinese astrology animal in a stuffed version and a rose quartz heart. In your relationship corner, place the stuffed animal with the heart under the legs so that it is kind of wrapped up with the animal. If you can t do that, find a pair of female and male stuffed animals and put them together, leaning on each other.

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  1. Pegah on April 26, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Hello Marie,

    Thank you for sharing your amazing wisdom and beautiful tips. I was first introduced to you by watching the Secret. Hope to have the pleasure of meeting you one day and understanding Feng Shui better.
    Though this post is old and I’m not sure if it will be read I’m hoping someone can answer my questions. What is your relationship corner as it indicated above? also I’m confused about the stuffed animal. I did purchase one with my symbol (rabbit) but not sure where to put the rose quartz heart exactly. Please let me know.

    Thank you,

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