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If you’ve been following the news of the financial world of late, you’re probably wondering what the heck is going on…

Are we headed for another Great Depression?

Will there be a run on the banks?

Will paper money still be worth anything soon – or should you keep it on hand just to burn it to heat your home this Winter, since nobody can afford spiking energy bills?

I mean, let’s check the list – gas is so expensive even P. Diddy can’t fly his private jet anymore (say it isn’t so!)…

The Dow has developed Bi-polar personality disorder…

Financial giants are crumbling, and world currencies are doing a free fall…

Lions, tigers, and bears – oh my!

So what, oh what, do the stars have to say?

Amazingly, countries have astrology charts, just like people do. And, also like people, they go through cycles and seasons. Some are positive and prosperous, and some are not…

Since the U.S. economy has started this calamitous domino-effect that’s reverberating the world over, let’s take a look at the chart of the U.S. to try to understand what’s happening.

Now, as with so many things in astrology, there’s disagreement amongst astrologers as to what chart to use for the actual “birth” of the United States.

My fellow Vedic astrologer, James Kelleher, was hired to spend months researching this very dilemma.

So he went to Washington D.C. and poured over documents in the Library of Congress to determine the exact moment the LAST person signed the “Declaration of Independence” completing the official paperwork for the new nation.

Using the calculations of Vedic astrology, the chart he’s come to believe is accurate (and it works exceptionally well) has FOUR PLANETS, including the Sun, in the sign of Gemini.

Gemini is a sign that’s associated with a love of “freedom” and all things having to do with “youth” and technical invention, things America is known for.

The Moon sign of the U.S. chart is Aquarius, which explains our melting pot, “all men were created equal,” live-and-let-live philosophy…

The rising sign is Sagittarius, which is characteristic of the hopelessly optimistic American “can do” spirit, our know-it-all/busy-body meddling in the affairs of the rest of the world, and our religious nature, despite our “supposed” separation of church and state.

Now, here’s the good news financially…

The U.S. chart is extremely prosperous in general, and extremely fortunate. Which is why it’s been able to become a “super power” and why it’s considered “the richest country in the world.”

I put that in italics, because that’s not necessarily how our millions of poor and homeless feel, and the fact that the average
Joe and Jane works more hours with less time off than in any other industrialized nation…

(I’m actually writing this on an airplane about to go on vacation, so I’ll stop whining now… :))

When it comes to those “cycles” and “seasons” I mentioned, it’s very helpful to look to those affecting the U.S. now.

Vedic astrology looks to a timing schedule called “planetary periods.” These last for 120 years, and are broken into major cycles that list six to twenty years.

You look to the strength of each planet, what houses it activates in the chart, what planets it’s with, what sign it’s in, etc. to get a clear understanding of what will occur in that time frame.

Planetary periods are unique to Vedic astrology and – I gotta tell ya – they’re fantastic.

It’s one of the reasons why Vedic astrology is also known as “predictive” astrology – we have this powerful technique that allows us to understand why one person is the CEO or the janitor at different times in their life.

So here’s the deal…

On September 30th of this year, the U.S. begins a brand new planetary period for the first time in ten years.

When there’s a change in planetary periods, there’s always an adjustment, or HICCUP for a few months before and after the switch.

It’s usually quite intense, as we’ve seen…

This particular HICCUP is especially intense because the U.S. is entering a seven year major period of MARS, which happens to be the planet of violence and turbulence, anyway.

But here’s the good news I promised – Mars is very strong in the chart, and very positive for Sagittarius rising.

Best of all, it’s excellent financially.

It rules the fifth house of the chart, which is one of the money houses, and it’s with both Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, both planets having to do with wealth and abundance.

So, although Mars will likely keep us in wars, and keep us arguing with our allies (having Mars in the 7th house of any chart isn’t great for getting along with partners), it will help us bounce back from all of this financial chaos, stronger than before.

Not right away, of course…

But ultimately, the Mars phase will be more prosperous than the one we’re leaving – the major cycle of the Moon.

The major Moon period began in 1998. The Moon rules the 8th house in the U.S. chart, which is the house of scandals and upheavals, loans, and being a victim in some way…

This was the period that brought us 9/11 and Katrina, the war with Iraq, and an irresponsible reliance on personal and international loans leading to our current crisis, and more political scandal than anyone can remember in our lifetime.

The Moon is also in Aquarius, like I said, which is a sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction and losses.

So, this has all contributed to why we’ve gotten into this mess.

But Mars will eventually get us out of it, and things will definitely NOT become as tight and hopeless as they were in the depression.

So, what planetary period was the U.S. in during the depression?

Amazingly, the U.S. was in a planetary period of Saturn from 1929 to 1948. And not only is Saturn the planet of restrictions and losses, it’s considered the planet of depression!

So when did the depression begin? That’s right, with the stock market crash of 1929 – right on schedule!

(I told you these planetary periods are amazing…)

As for the rest of the world, most of the countries that are considered the “financial engines” of different regions are coming out of Saturn periods in the next few years.

So all over the world things are or will soon be improving though it may not seem that way now.

Which is great news for relationships, because research tells us that the #1 thing couples fight about and break up over is – you guessed it, money.

I can’t tell you how many wealthy women (and men!) I’ve spoken to who’ve told me they’d trade every penny they had to find and keep real love.

It’s truly more precious than gold. And it’s available to every one of us, if we just know what it takes to make love work and last.

But sadly, in my experience, most people don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to love, so even when providence smiles upon them and sends them their dream lover, they screw it up.

Relationship studies show they simply lack INFORMATION – knowing what to do, how to do it, and when… That’s truly what makes all the difference between feeling like you’re the richest woman in the world with a man.

Or being emotionally bankrupt.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, some people are born more financially fortunate than others.

I mean in terms of their stars…

Some people are born under a “lucky star” for finances, more than others. There are constellations that are more fortunate for finances than others.

There’s one that’s translated to mean, “the wealthy” and another that’s translated to mean, “the richest one,” and yet another that means, the star of success…”

And often, people born with these influences prominent in their charts are, in fact, financially blessed.

May God and Mars and his stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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