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If you’re a woman who believes in “happily ever after,” you’ve probably been disappointed to see yet another famous man “ousted” as a cheater…

I remember when Senator Edward’s affair came out in the media, many of my clients were just devastated.

“But they seem so happy! And she’s SICK!” was the typical shocked reaction I heard again and again.

When the David Letterman scandal hit, a professional women’s chat group I’m part of went crazy with posts full of outrage and frustration.

A common refrain was, “Doesn’t ANYBODY keep it in their pants anymore?”

The good news? There are MANY faithful men in the world… and research shows that FAR more married men are faithful than not.

But it’s EASIER for some men than others to “keep it in their pants…” and it can actually be seen in the stars!

Believe it or not, there are some sub-signs (smaller signs within the signs of the zodiac) that incline a man (or woman!) to give in to temptation.

And the more a man’s astrological chart is made up of these sub-signs, the more likely he is to be “weak” in this way…

Do you want to hear something CRAZY???

When I was studying astrology, I was so lucky in that there were several fantastic Vedic astrologers that all lived in Los Angeles and gave weekly classes.

One of these teachers (my dear friend, brilliant astrologer Steve Stuckey) used to love looking at the charts of celebrities.

One night he put the chart of Tiger
Woods up for all of us to see, and he said something amazing that’s come true now, years later…

He said, “Tiger’s downfall will be loose women.”

How was he so right on? How could he see such a thing?


This same astrologer taught us how to recognize what he called “the porn star planetary combination.”

It’s a specific combination of the planet of passion (Mars), with the planet of sex (Venus), with the indicator of the emotions (the Moon).

When a person has Mars, Venus, and the Moon all in some kind of strong relationship to each other they’ll be HIGHLY sexual… and prone to IMPULSIVE sexual relationships.

And, yup – you guessed it. Tiger’s chart has such a thing.

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from those of Western astrology by almost an entire sign) he has the planet Mars in the sign of Taurus (a Venus-ruled sign) opposite the planet Venus and the Moon in Scorpio (a Mars-ruled sign).

That’s right – Venus and the Moon BOTH fall in the sign of Scorpio – which is considered the LUSTIEST sign of all anyway, as it’s the natural eighth sign, the sign of SEX.

(Scorpio is even considered to rule the genitals in medical astrology).

So Tiger’s wife can comfort herself that his “wandering ways” are NOT her fault.

Tiger would likely wander NO MATTER who he’s with.

His sexual appetite would overwhelm him.

Throw on top of that the fact that he’s an attractive BILLIONAIRE with worldwide fame who’s often away from home, and you have the recipe for marital disaster…


If we look deeper at his chart, it gets even more interesting.

In Vedic astrology (the system of ancient India, believed to be the very first system of astrology), there are twenty-seven smaller, more psychologically powerful signs than the “normal” signs we all know.

These twenty-seven signs are THE MOST important thing to look to when trying to deeply understand a person and compatibility in relationships.

When looking at Tiger’s Sun, Moon, and rising sign Vedic signs, it’s incredible to see that ALL THREE are extremely sexually powerful, and are noted for sexual indulgence and scandals. (As well as success!)

Check it out…

Tiger’s Vedic Moon sign is called Jyeshtha. This constellation is associated with the Vedic deity Indra who is similar to the Roman God Zeus, noted for his daring deeds, power, fame, glory, and lothario ways…

I share in my “Signs of Compatibility” program that the themes of betrayal, abandonment, and jealousy can play out in the lives of those born with the Moon here.

In fact, one of the names of this sign is “the two-faced man” – because those born here can be hypocritical or secretive.

(They’re also typically the most successful in their family and are known to be heroes, and achieve an exalted position in life.
Albert Einstein had his Moon here – and his two marriages were fraught with indiscretions and drama…)

Tiger’s Vedic Sun sign is called Purva Ashadha. Amazingly, Purva Ashadha is translated to mean “the invincible star, the undefeated, the unsubdued” which has contributed to his unbelievable athletic success, as it’s all about having victory in struggles and confrontations.

This sign is associated with tremendous popularity and is noted for making people successful at an early age.

(By the age of three Tiger was on television playing golf with Bob Hope on the “Mike Douglas Show,” by the age of five he was featured in “Golf Digest” and by twenty-five he was already an international sensation with over $100 in endorsement deals…)

But on the downside, it’s noted for sexual obsessions or excesses.

Tiger’s rising sign Vedic sign is called Uttaraphalguni.

I am not making this up – it’s symbolized by a bed!

This sign is noted for the accumulation of wealth and also contributes to Tiger’s incredible popularity, as people born in this sign are generally liked by all, and live a life in comfort and luxury.

On the downside, they don’t like to be alone, so may be in and out of relationships, and have a tendency to be sexually indiscreet.

It takes having several factors like this to make someone prone to affairs. (So don’t freak out if your guy has just ONE of these things… or if YOU do…)

It’s Tiger’s Vedic signs, on TOP of his INTENSE “porn star” celestial combination that ensured it was only a matter of time before his roving eye was common knowledge.

(And besides, his name is TIGER…)

But seriously, I don’t mean to make fun of any of this… and I sincerely wish he and his family well.

I just LOVE to point out the POWER of the stars to shape personality and behavior.

Especially the power of the Vedic signs.

They are SOOO accurate!

Just think – if Tiger’s wife could have known this BEFORE she married him she could have saved herself a lot of pain. Is he relationship material? Family oriented? Romantic? Likely to be loyal?

Or is he a player?

If you’re reading this WISHING you had someone to “check out” then perhaps your dating skills need an upgrade.

I constantly find great women make FAR TOO little effort in their love lives, staying what I call “the best-kept secret in town.”

And it can be seen in the stars!

There are five “personality types” of women that stay single FOR YEARS – and have the hardest time creating lasting love…

But this can be shifted.

Being born with one of these combinations doesn’t DOOM you to staying single. But not knowing what to do about it just might…

Don’t stay single because you don’t know what you don’t know.

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And may God and his planets and stars shower you with (faithful) love!

Carol Allen

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