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Astrology is a centuries-old science filled with traditions, insights and history. Each week I’ll share an interesting fact, prediction, highlight or nuance that will help you better understand this vast and powerful guide to yourself, your loved ones, and your relationships. Happy star gazing!

Thousands of years ago, before there were the twelve signs of the zodiac we’ve all come to know, there were twenty-seven…

These twenty-seven signs, called “Nakshatras,”
or “lunar mansions” reflect the path of the Moon through the night sky.

It is said that the Moon spends one day in each sign, before moving on to the next.

Since the lunar month is between twenty- seven and twenty-eight days long, this tradition of breaking the night sky up into twenty-seven major constellations began in ancient India.

You see, the Moon is the brightest and fastest moving heavenly body of them all. And it was to the Moon that ancient peoples first looked for determining time, connecting the months and seasons to the stars above.

Which makes sense, because, although most of us think of the zodiac in terms of the motion of the Sun – when the Sun is travelling through the different signs, you can’t tell.

Because when the Sun is out, the stars and planets are not visible.

I don’t need to tell you, though, that when the Moon is out, the stars and planets are as well, twinkling and sparkling as they dance around the Moon in all of their glory.

(Depending, of course, on how much wine you’ve had with dinner – kidding! :))


The Moon, on the other hand, acts almost as a pointer in the starry night sky, bringing attention to the different constellations as he travels through them…

The first zodiac therefore, was not solar, but lunar.

And it is the very first thing written about in the entire history of astrology.

That’s right, in one of the oldest books on the planet – what’s called, “The Rig Veda”
of India (which scholars date to have originated somewhere between 4,000 and 2,000 B.C.) several of the nakshatras are named.

An entire listing of them appears in later Vedas – the Yajur Veda, and the Atharva Veda.

Amazingly, a system of lunar signs was also once used in the Middle East and China (though they both used twenty-eight signs), and the ancient Celts had a myth about the Moon king having twenty-eight starry wives. (India has a similar myth, as well…)

Though these constellations were originally used to determine the best times to do certain activities – like religious ceremonies, farming and business practices, or marriage rites – they were later looked to in order to understand the personality and psychology of individuals, and to give insight into relationships.

And they’re still emphasized in Vedic astrology to this day.

In fact, in India when they say, “Hey baby, what’s your sign?”- they’re not asking for your Sun sign, they’re asking for your Moon nakshatra.

(And, forgive me – they probably don’t say, “Hey baby…”)

You see, it’s the Moon sign and constellation in your astrology chart that reflects your mind, emotions, and true inner self.

Therefore, it is these original twenty-seven constellations that best indicate how you and anyone you know are emotionally.

And the most important techniques for emotional compatibility are understood by comparing two people’s Moon constellations, NOT their Sun signs…

These nakshatras reveal far more subtlety, nuance, and detail than the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Each constellation has a nature, a temperament, an animal symbol, a gender, an element – revealing if you or the people in your life are so many things:

– romantic
– practical or impractical
– stubborn or flexible
– slow to take action or quick to pursue
– late-blooming
– emotional or analytical
– positive or negative
– dependable or flaky
– masculine or feminine
– and on and on…

Knowing all of this will allow you to discover so much more about yourself and others than you would after years of therapy…

(I’m not kidding – this is what clients tell me…)

And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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