right manby Carol Allen

Astrology is a centuries-old science filled with traditions, insights and history. And one of the most helpful ways to look to the stars is for insights into relationships.

It seems like some people – and some couples – are blessed to truly “have it all.”

One of the things I love about astrology is that it reveals that we’re definitely NOT all dealt the same “hand” in life…

(Which can be either a bummer, or a relief, depending on how you take it, or what your own chart says.)

Some of us are born beautiful…

Some of us are born rich…

Some of us are born smart…

And popular… and talented…

And some people are born with ALL of those things in spades.

And the stars show why!

One such couple is Academy-award-winning movie star Gwyneth Paltrow and her Platinum- selling, multi-Grammy winning, mega-musician husband.

(In case you’ve been living in a cave and in a coma for a long time – he’s the front man for the band Coldplay.)

Let’s go down the list – they’re beautiful, celebrated, talented, RICH, and blessed with two children – a girl and a boy.

They hobnob with pals such as Sting and Trudie, Madonna and Stella McCartney.

They jet around to film festivals, award shows, and posh resorts owned by billionaire friends.

Sounds nice…

Ah, but is it all really paradise?

For years the private twosome have avoided being photographed together and refuse to discuss their relationship publicly, sparking ongoing speculation that all is not as blissful as it may seem.

So, what gives?

Are the rumors true?

Since there’s smoke, is there fire?

Are they splitting or on the brink?

Let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?

My favorite thing to do when I first look at the chart of someone having an amazing life is to see WHY…

And, as usual, the charts tell it all.

According to the calculations of Vedic astrology, the system of ancient India, Gwyneth and Chris BOTH have amazing horoscopes.

This system favors the Moon sign – especially when it comes to relationships.

Hers has the Moon in its most powerful sign, its sign of exaltation – Taurus – in its VERY favorite constellation called Rohini.

Women with the Moon in the constellation of Rohini are feminine creatures of great charm, beauty, graciousness, and sensuality.

They’re especially skilled in the arts.

Not only that, but Gwyneth’s Moon has something else amazing going on…

It’s with the ruler of her eleventh house – the house of gains, fame, fulfillment, and abundance.

When the Moon is connected in any way to the eleventh house of the chart, it makes a person have easy access to all the things the eleventh house signifies – hence much of her good mojo…

And him?

Mr. Martin has the Moon connected to the eleventh house, too – it’s in Cancer in the eleventh house, making fame and fulfillment easy for him to attain as well.

As for why he’s successful in the arts and with the ladies, we look to Venus.

Venus, not surprisingly, is in its most powerful sign, Pisces – it’s sign of exaltation, taking “center stage” in his seventh house.

The seventh house signifies the public and the partner – to have the planet of love, beauty, and artistic ability be EXTREMELY POWERFUL here blesses a man with a beautiful wife, love from the public, and success in the arts.

(I wish I could tell you how to “move” the planets to create such positions in your own chart – I’m working on that and will keep you posted…)

So, their own lives are blessed by the stars – is their relationship?

To tell, I check them out by running a “Right Man Report” on the two of them.

“The Right Man Report” is a compatibility report using a fifteen-step technique from India that’s been used to arrange Hindu marriages since anyone can remember.

It looks at all the most important ways two people will feel together, as well as the very destiny of the relationship itself.

(To read more about it – go here->)

Of the fifteen steps, five are considered the most important. If any of the five are missing between two people, that’s the area of the relationship that will cause the most trouble.

Three are considered the most special – without a couple having at least one of these WOW connections, they’re relationship might lack meaning or purpose.

Overall, several of the steps are given a series of possible points.

A couple wants to have a cumulative value of 18 points or higher or they won’t have enough “oomph” to go the distance.

So – of the “critical five” and “special three” and “overall score” how do Chris and Gwyneth do?

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