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If you ever worry that astrology may be telling you things you’re not “supposed to know” and that it could alter your path in ways that aren’t wise, it’s a fair concern.

I grappled with this myself before commiting to becoming an astrologer.

(The last thing I wanted to do was “knock” anyone off their true path, or make them more anxious and neurotic by knowing things that could be painful…)

But it’s not as simple as saying, “astrology is bad…” or “astrology is gospel.”

Because I’m an astrologer, which is a pretty “woo-woo” field, people often think I must know how the very Universe itself works. They assume I’m an expert on things like past lives, Spirit Guides, and the “rules” of creation and manifestion…

You know – that basically I’m a spokesperson for THE BIG BOSS.

(As in, GOD.)


Now, I like to think I’m pretty evolved. That I’ve got a good sense of right and wrong. And that I’ve developed and cultivated a spiritual perspective that can apply to
a thing or two.

But I do NOT pretend to know the Laws of The Universe.

(Though I respect them – notice I put them all in “caps…”)

For that stuff, I go to sources MUCH more evolved than little old me. (And I suggest you do, too! :))

I recently got an excellent question from a reader grappling with one of these “deeper” issues having to do with astrology as it relates to romantic compatibility, “mate selection,” freewill, and FATE.

(You get the idea – simple stuff… )

Here’s what she wrote:

* * * * * * * * *

Dear Carol,

I have a question that I always wonder about. Reading about the Indian practice on marriage brings this to mind again. Is trying to “choose” the perfect match in some way circumventing the Laws of Karma which will stunt the growth of the soul? There are certain intersections and events in our lives which are part of God’s plan which we must learn from. We have agreed to certain arrangements before this incarnation in order to benefit ourselves in some way. The needed relationships may not be perfect, and that is how we will learn. If we do not just go with our own intuition or instincts (which may very
well be controlled in the spiritual realm), then are we going to miss out on some very valuable lessons? Will this bring more karma upon ourselves?

Thank you for any insights you can give in these areas. I am fascinated with Astrology, but I am also a little confused by these questions.


* * * * * * * * * *

Wow – Sandra thinks I’m a guru or something!

This is SUCH a great question, and I’m very glad she asked.

Okay, so here’s what I think…

I agree with Sandra – you HAVE to trust yourself.

But it can be VERY confusing as to how to do so.

I wish all of our impulses and desires were “controlled by the spiritual realm.” Wouldn’t that be NICE!

Sandra is clearly way more enlightened than “the average bear”…

“Following our own instincts and intuition” has gotten many a woman BROKEN HEARTED and crushed.

You see, it’s tough to untangle conflicting input.

Raging hormones and projected fantasies for someone can sure FEEL like “instincts” and “intuition.” Early infatuation IS in fact INSTINCT – it’s just that it’s not wholly SPIRITUAL instinct, it’s more like ANIMAL instinct, and that’s very misleading in love.

Infatuation creates a whole chemical cocktail that makes your brain about as logical and prudent as when you’re DRUNK or HIGH on heroin…

This has convinced many a lover that their love is “meant to be” or “God’s plan.”

And, since marriage is the topic Sandra raised – and is the single MOST IMPACTFUL way you can improve or virtually RUIN your life, that’s not the best state of mind from which to make such an important decision.

So, in traditional cultures like that of ancient India, they developed incredible compatibility techniques to help men and women to know if the tremendous PULL they had to a love interest was a “spiritual intuition” or something from a part of themselves a little, shall we say, LOWER…

It’s my belief that while we’re mere mortals with a limited knowledge of the “higher plan” for our lives, turning to helpful tools and techniques like astrology can be every bit as valuable as getting lab results from your doctor.

I don’t want to “diagnose” myself with my own instincts and intuition when it comes to my health. (Believe me – I’d be dying every time I had so much as a sore throat. :))

And I don’t think having blood work or a mammogram is going to “create any more karma” for me. Or for you. (Please go get a physical now, if it’s been a while!)

I think it’s just smart.

And I believe that if I wasn’t “supposed” to have access to such information, God wouldn’t have had me be born in a time and place in which those things are available.

(But there are religions that think even medical interventions are interfereing with God’s Will and so are not okay… my own grandmother was of such a faith. And guess what? She died young… ack.)

In fact, if Sandra had only read my book, “Love Is in the Stars” which I’m guessing she hasn’t, she’d know I’m THE FIRST to say, “charts shmarts.”

(I actually say those very words in Chapter Three when I talk about the right use of astrology when it comes to compatibility. I also give the FIVE CRITICAL KEYS of love, one of which is NOT astrological.

If you want to do something but your chart tells you not to – do it anyway.


And – if you find out you and a man you truly love aren’t astrologically compatible, be with him anyway.


(Now – ONLY if he’s also treating you well and a good guy. PUHLEEZE. And don’t marry him or move in until you’ve really tested the relationship and are sure you can have the life you want together.)

Even two of the most beloved Vedic astrology classics of all times say this…

They say, “If a man has real love for a woman, he should marry her. Love that springs from within is greater than all other matching characteristics.” (It’s referring to the compatibility technique when it says “all other matching…”)

It goes on to say, that even if they are deemed perfectly astrologically compatible, if they do not love one another, marriage will be futile.

And I couldn’t agree more.

Who cares if you can have agreement, good communication, understanding, chemistry and supportive circumstances to being together if you don’t love the guy?

So isn’t that sweet? Even classic astrology agrees with Sandra!

Here’s the part where Sandra doesn’t have to worry.

(And here’s the part where I’m gonna risk sounding like I think I know how the Universe works…)

The “Laws of Karma” are so powerful, that they’ve got everything covered.

Here’s what I mean…

Just because you get information doesn’t mean you get to “skip your process.” Getting that information will be part of “the plan,” too.

For example, I’ve talked to many people who were in arranged marriages in which an astrologer chose the bride and groom for one another.

And I’ve scatched my head in AMAZEMENT at some of the terrible matches between such couples that led to miserable marriages that ultimately broke up.

How could ANY astrologer have put them together?

Well, in all those cases, the charts of the individuals had DIVORCE and UNHAPPY UNION when it came to romantic partnership and marriage, anyway…

So, it was their KARMA to marry and be miserable. Going to an astrologer was NO HELP…


And it’s tough to say why.

(‘Cause again – I’m not a spokesperson for God, and I don’t pretend to know why…)

In one case, a woman’s chart showed wealth so the groom’s PARENTS claimed to be educated astrologers, and CHOSE HER
for their son NOT based on true love, but because of her MONEY KARMA, which he got to enjoy.

But the twosome never fell in love…

In another, apparently the cruel, rude wife a man ended up with was the best of the candidates the astrologer was given to choose from, but the man shouldn’t have married ANY of them.

So – other factors came into play.

Family pressures, limited options, uneducated astrologers – all kinds of HUMAN dramas that then made the people DOUBT astrology!

They suffered their fates anyway, even though they were trying to “get a guarantee” from the stars.

So – we cannot escape our fate.

We can only become awake to it, and try to make the most of it!

(But please do NOT use that as an excuse to stay in a miserable relationship you’ve been unable to fix because you think you’re “supposed to” or that you’re “burning negative karma” by doing so and if you don’t you’ll be in some sort of “spiritual trouble”…

I’ve even heard of a so-called spiritual “master” arranging marriages based on nothing more than his own moods, and then saying this kind of malarkey to people –

“It’s your karma to be unhappy together, so you must stay…” all while taking most of their money, too… ugh…)

I could go on and on… but here’s some good news.

Many great, real spiritual teachers say, “Knowledge erases karma.”

And may THE BIG BOSS and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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