carol.jpgby Carol Allen

I’ve been hesitant to look into the sad stars of the late, great Michael Jackson because it’s all just too much…

The media circus that has ensued since his untimely death has been more than we’ve all needed to endure.

But I’ve had request after request, and so will do my best to try to honor his memory and answer some questions.

Since I’m always the most fascinated by love and relationships, I thought I’d focus on his most famous personal relationship – his short marriage to Lisa Marie Presley. In case you live somewhere without a television, radio, or internet access let me catch you up to speed…

Michael and Lisa Marie were married from 1994 to 1996, less than a month after her divorce from her first husband, and very
shortly after Michael’s first child molestation case was settled…

This led many to speculate that it was all a sham – a publicity stunt to prop up his image.

Lisa Marie has actually blogged about her feelings since Michael’s death, issuing a statement on MySpace.

She says she’s “gutted” and continues to say what she’s maintained all along – that their marriage was sincere, and that she loved Michael very much. She knew when she married him that he’d been battling an addiction to prescription drugs and that his life had never been “normal.”

She says that she and his family worried way back then that this could be his fate – an early death due to his many physical and emotional problems (lupus, anxiety attacks, injuries from being a dancer, etc.) but that she believed she could save him.

She candidly writes: “His family and his loved ones also wanted to save him but didn’t know how, and this was 14 years ago. We all worried that this would be the outcome then. At that time, in trying to save him I almost lost myself.”

She goes on to say that, because she had two children she couldn’t be so distracted, and had to make a decision. And so made the hardest decision of her life – to leave him. She says that for years after their divorce she was obsessed with regret – trying to figure out how it could have gone differently, and how she could have reversed what she calls her “biggest failure to date.”

Most chilling of all, is her revelation that Michael once told her he believed he would die as her father had – an early, dramatic death.

Okay, I’m getting depressed already, but if I could help anyone, I’d want Lisa Marie to know that she could NOT have saved him, and that she did the right thing for her own life to leave.

After looking at the charts of Michael and Lisa Marie – I believe her when she says their relationship was real. And I’m glad for her that she cut her losses and moved on before too many years had passed.

Here’s why… let’s go to the astrological vault, shall we?

As for why I believe that they did love each other, using the calculations of Vedic astrology (which differ from that of Western astrology by almost an entire sign) there are many sweet celestial connections between them.

One simple one that strikes me right away is that they both have the same Moon sign, and the same Moon constellation. It’s extremely bonding to have the same Sun sign, Moon sign, or rising sign as another person. It makes you feel like you know each other RIGHT away.

But the same Moon sign between lovers is especially emotionally powerful, because it’s the Moon that reveals a person’s emotional nature, and when two people’s are THE SAME – it creates an emotional shorthand between them that’s profound.

Not only that, but Venus, the planet of love, in his chart is sitting right on the rising sign of her chart, and opposite her
Sun sign, making them good friends and sharing a strong bond of love.

She couldn’t HELP but love him, and he couldn’t HELP but love her…

As for why it was such an emotionally compelling, “bigger than the both of them” union that haunted her for years, they have an astrological connection that’s believed to show a “past-life,” karmic tie.

When two people share this connection, they’ll feel completely drawn to one another even when it’s not in their best interest, like a powerful force is luring them that’s greater than their will or judgement.

Trying to resist it can be like trying to hold back a tidal wave with your pinky, and every bit as overwhelming. It’s when the eclipse points called “the nodes of the Moon” are close to each other from one chart to the next.

(You see this in the charts of people close in age, or 9 – 10 years apart in age, or 18 – 20 years apart. Michael was ten years older than Lisa Marie.)

So, if their stars were so connected and compelling, why didn’t it work?

Because that’s not enough…

Amazingly, a woman’s astrological connections with a man show not only if they can get along and love each other or not – but the VERY destiny of their relationship as well.

And, unfortunately, the stars were “stacked against” Lisa Marie being able to get her needs met or have the kind of positive impact on Michael she hoped for, despite their powerful emotional bond.

It’s all revealed in the most important compatibility technique in all of astrology – a fifteen-step technique used in Vedic astrology, the system of ancient India that’s been looked to for thousands of years to arrange marriages.

In this technique there are FIVE extremely important steps that must be fulfilled between two people for their union to last and succeed. Whichever of the five steps are missing indicate the part of the relationship that’s the most painful and challenging to their happiness.

Sadly, Michael and Lisa Marie are missing FOUR out of the FIVE.

That tells me RIGHT AWAY that there were HUGE problems in their ability to make a life together, and that they could NOT have been overcome.

Here’s what these missing four steps say…

The most painful is called, “misfortune.”

When a couple has the connection of “misfortune” (known in astrological terminology as “Rajju”) they have a very difficult time moving forward together as a couple. It creates HUGE, dramatic swings in their daily interactions, making it very hard to have movement forward as a couple. Just as they start to relax and feel close and connected, there’s a big UPSET that knocks them out of their happiness.

There are different kinds of “misfortune” and Michael and Lisa Marie have the kind that ancient texts say causes a “loss of children.”

This isn’t necessarily literal. The word “children” can be symbolic here, meaning that the couple can’t co-create anything, which can include running into stumbling blocks when working on any joint projects in which their mutual creativity is involved.

But it can be literal as well, and it’s interesting that, though they planned to, they never had children together, and Lisa Marie implies that the main reason she left Michael was so she could be a better mother to her children from her earlier marriage.

So “loss of children” was a big issue between them.

The next of the four big problems had to do with “Respect,” also known as “Rasi.”

This manifested as being a problem of who was “the leader” in the relationship. It’s best if the leader is the man – this makes him feel naturally respected by the woman, and makes the woman feel naturally cherished and adored by him.

When it’s the woman who is the leader, however, she doesn’t feel like she gets the adoration and attention that she should from the man, and he doesn’t feel respected by her.

Worse, she feels that the progress of the couple is on her shoulders, and that she’s more there for the man than he is for her. She becomes insecure in the relationship, and doesn’t feel that the man is as invested in the relationship as she is, or as bonded to her as she is to him.

At first a couple may not notice this so much (Michael and Lisa Marie married after just dating for four months) but over time it makes a woman feel very drained.

Lisa Marie says, “I became very ill and, emotionally/spiritually exhausted…” and that’s exactly what women tell me again and again when they’re the leader in this way with their men…

(Princess Diana and Prince Charles had this problem between them, too, and she also became very ill in their marriage…)

The last of the four helps to explain why Lisa Marie was so riddled with doubt and confusion after she left – and for so long.

Now, anyone who has any pop psychology knowledge could easily blame it on the obvious parallels between Michael and her late father, Elvis. The epic stardom, the incredible talent, the larger-than-life charisma, the addictions, the chaos…

That alone was enough for poor Lisa Marie to go crazy – a classic Freudian drama she walked right into.

But the stars didn’t help.

The last of the missing important four out of five issues between Michael and Lisa Marie’s charts further explains what happened for her.

It’s called, “Excess” or “Nadi” and has to do with the fundamental energies or “humours” of both people.

There are three kinds of people in this step – Watery, Windy, and Fiery.

It’s best if the members of a twosome are different from one another. When they’re both of the same energy they AMPLIFY what that element is all about in each other. And that causes an “excess” of that energy between them, making them unable to be peaceful and happy together, and unable to realize shared goals and have grounded plans.

And over time this makes them very insecure with one another, and weakens the fabric of their relationships.

Michael and Lisa Marie were both Windy.

Two Windy people become overly analytical with each other.

They can’t just enjoy their relationship.

They can’t get out of their heads – endlessly worrying, worrying, worrying…

They over-think and over-talk everything to death.

The reason this was so extremely hard on Lisa Marie is that (I’m not making this up) ancient astrology texts say, “When the husband and wife are both Windy the wife will die…”

Again, this isn’t literal (she’s still alive, obviously) but it’s symbolic – in the relationship SHE was the one who was so depleted and miserable that she was unable to keep her commitment to him.

Her ability to BE his wife died…

And it wasn’t her fault, and didn’t mean she “failed” at anything.

And that tendency to over-think and over- analyze that Michael AMPLIFIED in Lisa Marie only added to her torment in the wake of their divorce.

There’s so much more I could mention – Michael’s chart is extremely stubborn and determined (his Sun, Moon and rising sign
ALL being in inflexible “fixed” signs, which is one of the best things for success but not so great necessarily for love, and aspected by the rigid planet Saturn), which is all the more reason she couldn’t have saved him…

And both of their charts are very difficult for marriage (Lisa Marie is now married to her fourth husband, after a short marriage to Nicholas Cage years after her divorce from Michael).

Debbie Rowe, Michael’s second wife and the mother of his two oldest children, claims their marriage was only “on paper” and that they were just friends, having never had a romantic relationship or even slept together…

And to top it all off, Michael and Lisa Marie were BOTH in the most difficult time possible to get married when they got together – the very most PAINFUL kind of cycle of Saturn, that is the absolute WORST time to marry, and was partly to blame for her divorce and his legal problems – virtually guaranteeing the marriage COULDN’T last…

As for the allegations of Michael’s in- appropriate sexual behavior with children, I really can’t say, though he does have a
combination that’s typical of the charts of people who have unusual, controversial, or sensational love and sex lives…

(A celestial combo that also happens to be present in the chart of Elvis, of all people!)

Can you see why I didn’t want to get into this? Sigh…

I wish Lisa Marie, Michael’s children, family, many friends, and millions of fans nothing but happy memories.

And it’s my sincere wish that Michael’s spirit is now at peace, and that his soul can take comfort in the fact that he left a legacy ensuring that his music and his memory will live long into the future…

Whether it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, or a deep soul “understanding,” Michael knew and seemed to have accepted his fate long ago.

And Lisa Marie was so right when she wrote, “this is such a massive loss on so many levels…”

As ever, may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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  1. Resa on September 4, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    what about diana ross and michael jackson’s charts together in a marriage?

  2. Curious on August 23, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    How did you do a chart for Michael when his correct birth time is unknown? What did you use to determine time of birth?

  3. Ameera on April 3, 2012 at 10:26 am

    I’m sorry, though I think your interpretation is interesting, it seems to be laced with preconceived notions, negative ones, geared towards Michael Jackson and in favor of Lisa. This isn’t surprising since a negative view towards Michael Jackson has been prevalent in the mass media (perhaps you should do an article astrologically on why that was.)

    For what it’s worth, here is one example. You say, “Michael and Lisa Marie were both Windy. Two Windy people become overly analytical with each other. They can’t just enjoy their relationship. They can’t get out of their heads – endlessly worrying, worrying, worrying…They over-think and over-talk everything to death.”

    And then, “And that tendency to over-think and over- analyze that Michael AMPLIFIED in Lisa Marie only added to her torment in the wake of their divorce.”

    Why isn’t it both ways or the other way around? It was Lisa who went into the relationship with a need to lead and change Michael, not Michael trying to lead and change Lisa, so how is it that Michael amplified the tendency to over-think and over- analyze in Lisa, and not the other way around. How did you determine that?

    But most importantly, as the above poster said, what did you use to determine correct time of birth, from which you would have determined Micheal’s moon sign, rising sign, when correct birth time is unknown?

    The whole piece seems to a be a poor Lisa who went crazy and was so overwhelmed, and I don’t read anything that sympathetically explains the issues that Michael would have grappled with, considering his life — and you supposedly used Michael’s chart?

    You’re right to say Lisa could not save Michael — no one can “save” another in that co-dependent way that is more about controlling than it is helping.

    “There are different kinds of “misfortune” and Michael and Lisa Marie have the kind that ancient texts say causes a “loss of children.”

    I think this might point towards their mutual loss of childhood, something which Michael spoke extensively about.

    In summary, I think you do Michael a great disservice by not addressing the obviously false allegations that were made against him (you don’t need to be an astrologist to know that they claims were false on all counts) other than to say that you “can’t say”.

    Nothing has been more threatening to his legacy than those malicious lies. If you were using his chart, his issues would have been clear to see. Making Lisa out to be a poor victim who was overwhelmed and on the verge of going crazy when she unsuccessfully married three times before her decision to marry Michael on a whim is not very astute, IMO.

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