Asking For What You Need Can Actually Pull Him Closer

Women often hesitate to share their feelings and needs with a man because they’re afraid of coming across as needy and clingy, or they’re worried that it will push him away.

by Helena Hart

However, by not freely expressing yourself you run into the danger of not having your needs met and eventually building anger and resentment, which is destructive to your relationship.

When done correctly, sharing your feelings, needs and desires with a man will actually DEEPEN the connection and intimacy in the relationship if he’s the right man for you.

Women ask me all the time, “How do I express what I want to a man without coming across as needy or demanding?”

This has to do with making requests from your feminine energy. Being feminine has such a huge power attached to it, especially once you learn how to communicate from that place.

Everyone has the dynamics of both masculine and feminine energy inside of them – and we draw upon each of those energies in different areas of our lives.

Masculine energy is all about doing, planning, thinking and making decisions.

Feminine energy is receptive – it’s about being in the moment, receiving, experiencing and expressing.

In order to ask a man for what you want without pushing him away, it’s all about the way you express your needs while coming from your feminine energy.

The basic template is: “I feel __________…” or “It would feel __________…”

Fill in the blank with an emotion – don’t say, “I feel that you should __________.”

Keep in mind that men don’t like to be told what to do or what they “should” be doing.

This works best when it’s a POSITIVE emotion. An example would be, “It feels so good to hear from you in the evening…” – rather than, “I felt really upset when you didn’t call me last night.”

This isn’t about manipulating a man into doing whatever you want – it’s about expressing your needs and desires around things that TRULY matter to you.

When a man does what you’ve requested, you want to show acknowledgment and express appreciation. This is the fuel that’s going to drive him in the relationship.

Remember, it’s not about him and what he’s doing or not doing – it’s about YOU and what makes you feel good.

Once you make your request in this way, you want to lean back and watch what he does. Does he take your feelings into account, or does he dismiss them?

If a man doesn’t take your feelings into account – or if he doesn’t want you to feel cherished by him – move on! That’s not a good guy to be with.

A good, masculine-energy man will want his woman to feel cherished by HIM specifically. This is biological.

If you’re with a good man who wants to make you happy – and you make your request but he doesn’t respond to it right away, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about you.

Sometimes it takes a man a little while to get into the habit of doing something new.

If that’s the case, don’t keep dropping hints – make direct requests while staying in your feminine energy. Generally speaking, men are pretty literal and aren’t that inferential – they don’t always “get” your hints.

Don’t make him “wrong” because he hasn’t been doing something – make it about YOU and what you like, and how it feels when you get it. If he’s the right man for you, this will bring him CLOSER when done correctly!

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