Are You Wondering If Your Ex Is Still Thinking About You?

Whether you broke hearts or had yours broken, anyone that has ever gone through a serious breakup has pondered the same timeless question: Does my ex still think about me?

by Amy North

If you’re looking for the short answer to that question, it’s yes. If you want to know why and the signs to look out for, then keep reading.

Here’s the thing. Most people think about their previous relationships from time to time, especially if they were emotionally intense experiences.

When a couple calls off a long term relationship, both partners involved will experience a tidal wave of emotions; good, bad, happy, sad, regret and relief.

As time passes they will continue to be flooded with memories and stabs of nostalgia. In fact, it won’t even matter how the relationship ended because it’s completely natural and somewhat inevitable for exs to still think of one another and wonder what could have been.

If your ex is still calling or texting you, it’s a sure sign that they’re still thinking about you.

Sometimes communication after a breakup can be necessary, especially if you have things to return or issues to resolve.

However, if your ex is finding pointless excuses to call, it’s a sign that they are thinking about you and miss being a part of your life.

If you have any interest in getting back together with your ex, be sure to always keep the conversation light and positive.

No matter how much they may intentionally push your buttons or drag you into drama remain your happy-go-lucky self.

People are generally attracted to happy people, so show your ex that you’re doing just fine on your own and they won’t be able to resist you.

Your Ex Keeps Their New Relationship Secret

Sure, it can be awkward to tell your old lover that you’ve found a new flame, but if your ex is intentionally keeping their new fling a secret from you, it’s a sign that they were thinking about you.

There are a couple reasons why your ex could be keeping their new relationship from you.

First, they may not want to upset you and could think that keeping the relationship from you will protect your feelings. And secondly, they don’t want to lose the opportunity to possibly win you back.

Regardless of their reason, their decision to keep their new love life a secret was something they put thought into, and in those thoughts were you.

The Social Signs

We’ve all been through a tough breakup before and you know the drill for how that goes. You wallow in self pity, listen to sappy love songs, watch even sappier flicks, and hibernate on the couch with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and a blanket to cry into. Okay, so maybe not everyone reacts that way but you get the picture.

A sign to look out for after a breakup is what your ex posts on social media. If you see heartfelt or depressing posts, quotes about relationships or lyrics to “your songs,” it’s because your ex is thinking about you.

On the other hand, if your ex masks their feelings on Facebook and doesn’t even acknowledge the breakup, don’t assume they’ve forgotten about you.

Some people are great at hiding their emotions or are too shy to put them out into the online world.

Since you know your ex well, you should be able to read between the lines.

Remember that you can use social media to make your ex jealous in return.

They Ask about You

If your ex still thinks about you or wants you back, one things they will definitely do is ask your mutual friends about you. They may try to play it cool and sneak in a subtle “how is *insert your name here* doing?” but don’t be fooled, this isn’t as innocent as it may sound.

If your ex is asking friends about you, you’re going to find out sooner than later – this type of gossip spreads like wildfire through a friend group. If this does happen, it’s your sign that your ex has you on their mind.

Just be advised that being friends with your ex isn’t always the best idea.

They’re Everywhere!

It’s one thing to run into your ex in a grocery store or at a popular pub, but if they start appearing everywhere, things might not be as they seem. If running into your ex is becoming more of a routine than a coincidence, then these incidents may be intentional.

But, how did they know where you’d be? Perhaps you have a gabby friend that spills your schedule to anyone that will listen, or you have a habit of openly sharing your daily plans with the Facebook world.

Either way, make note of this and if you ever feel like you’re being stalked, don’t be afraid to address the issue head on. However, before you do say anything first consider what your ex’s schedule was like before you broke up. Maybe your ex is simply going about their daily routine, you just didn’t notice how much a part of it you were before.

Either way, if you’re seeing your ex all over the place, you’re definitely on their mind and it might mean that your ex is chasing you.

Amy North is a women’s relationship coach and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada, with a degree in Social Psychology. Her programs, including Text Chemistry and The Devotion System have helped dozens of women attract and keep the right guy, or improve the relationship they already have. “As your relationship coach I can be your guru, supporter, challenger, and motivator. I’ll give you the push to get going, and the tools to keep you on track. Your interests will be my interests, and I won’t judge, but I will help.”

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