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Astrology is often called “the Science Of Time Determination…”

Because it’s like having a “train schedule” for your life, letting you know when the “train of career,” the “train of relationship,” or even the “train of TROUBLE” will be arriving at YOUR station.

And, when they’re on their way but not quite here just yet…

This is such a comforting, healing thing – to be able to understand what is going on in your life and WHEN.

This allows you to plan, and know just what to do in the MEANTIME – you know – while you’re waiting for your “train”…

In my experience, most people turn to astrology when they feel stuck in that “mean” time – and they’re growing tired of waiting.

One planet makes you feel DELAYED and ON HOLD more than any other – and it’s the planet Saturn.

When Saturn is having a big say in your life, you know it. And you can feel incredibly frustrated, lonely, depressed, and romantically challenged.

But it’s not your fault – and it WILL pass.

Have you heard that old parable about how it’s hard to know when “good” news is really “good” and “bad” news is really “bad”?

It goes something like this: A man finds a beautiful, wild horse. Everyone in his village says, “How wonderful.”

And the man says, “We’ll see…”

He has his son train the horse. In trying to ride it, the son is thrown from the horse and breaks his leg.

The villagers all cluck and shake their heads saying, “How awful.”

And the man says, “We’ll see…”

Soon after, a war breaks out in the land, and the army comes through the village and enlists all of the young men to go off to fight.

The son with the broken leg cannot go off to war because of his injury.

All the villagers say to the man, “What a blessing – your son is out of harm’s way and can be by your side during this sad time. How wonderful…”

And what does the man say?

You guessed it…

“We’ll see.”

I share this powerful story because it’s so true.

How many times has something “bad” happened to you, but it ultimately led to something “good”?

You got fired from your job and were devastated, but it led you to a better job.

This is often what we find in love…

You Have Your Heart Broken, Only to Turn Around and Find a Better Relationship

You meet a guy you really like and think he likes you, too. But he blows you off, and you find out later he was actually a big jerk.

(That’s called “dodging a bullet.”)

In astrology, the planet that often leads us to our greatest fulfillment and growth is an influence that often seems BAD at FIRST.

When this planet is around, you can go through a lot of LOSS.

But what people often find is they “lose” things that are in the way of what they later feel is more RIGHT and GOOD for them.

Friends fall away, but then better ones come.  One relationship falls apart in time for the relationship you’ve been waiting for.

Jobs fall through, but it leads you to start your own business that you truly love.

You go into debt, but this inspires you to learn how to manage your money better than you ever did before, and you end up a very savvy investor because of it…

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