jonathan-aslayby Jonathan Aslay

Are you tired of being told it’s your fault when it comes to your love life?

Let’s face it, the messages out there seems to blame women when it comes to their love life.

For example, have you ever seen the cover of Cosmopolitan?

5 Massive Mistakes Women Make When Dating

7 Things Women Do Wrong When Approaching Men

9 Ways You’re Turning Him Off

And even my free report:

3 Heartbreaking Mistakes Women Make in Relationships

Yes, my own marketing is geared on the pain.

In fact, advertising often focuses on the pain.

Do you want to know why?

Because it sells!

Look at Madison Avenue in New York City, the advertising capital of the world.

Their ad department spend hours focusing on what you’re doing wrong.

The more you’re in pain, the more you buy.

Well let me tell you, that’s bunk!

Let me say that one more time, that’s bunk.

So let’s get off the “what am I doing wrong” bandwagon and let’s talk about what you want.

Let’s talk about what you’re doing right.

You’re kind and loving.

You’re sweet and generous.

You’re caring and considerate.

So -What do you really want when it comes to your love life?

What do you really want when it comes to men?

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