carol.jpgby Carol Allen

Have you ever had a man not GET you?

Isn’t that just THE WORST?

Especially when it’s a man you thought really loved you.

When a man doesn’t get you, he questions or criticizes something fundamental about you – making you feel like it’s wrong and that you should change it.

But changing that thing would be as though you were changing something as much a part of you as your height, or race, or ancestry.

In other words, something that’s just not possible to change…

Let me tell you a story to illustrate what I’m talking about.

I have a client that’s in a fairly new relationship.

She and her guy are in that MADLY in love stage – the honeymoon – where they are really gaga for one another. They were getting along beautifully for about five months…

They laughed all the time. They couldn’t wait to see each other every day. The sex was OFF THE HOOK.

And then something painful happened…

He started being annoyed with something about her.

She’s a very intelligent, heady, analytical woman – a writer and researcher who always has to “break things down” and understand things logically.

As you can probably guess already – he’s not like this.

So, late in this fantastic infatuation phase, he started subtly criticizing her for being so, well… her.

He started saying things like, “You always have to look up facts and figures, and check eighteen sources, and seek out the opinions of five experts before you’ll do something.”

As you can imagine, she felt pretty craptastic when he’d do this.

In fact, she felt kicked in the stomach.

But it kept happening.

And when he’d tell her a story, or bring up a topic, she’d often ask too many questions for his liking, or want to know more about it than he knew, and again he’d get annoyed.

“What does it matter?” he’d ask. “Turn that over-active brain of yours off once in a while, could you?”

She felt criticised.

Sh felt hurt.

But soon she felt something else…


She thought, “Maybe he’s right. Maybe I am over-thinking things. Maybe I shouldn’t be like that.”

It was about this time that she called me.

She told me what was happening between them.

And I understood INSTANTLY what was going on.

And it was ALL in the stars. (Isn’t it always? :))

You see, her Moon sign (which is the main indicator of how someone RELATES) is in Gemini, a logical, intellectual sign.

But even more importantly than this, the Moon is in a small constellation within the sign of Gemini called, “the searching star” which is all about information and research.

People born under this constellation are often writers and researchers and lifelong students.

In other words – this is WHO SHE IS.

By being so curious and inquisitive, she’s being EXACTLY who she’s supposed to be.

And there’s NOTHING she can possibly do to stop being that way.

And there’s NOTHING wrong with it.

It just isn’t who her boyfriend is.

When I explained this to her, she was so relieved and amazed.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that I gave her information that helped her to logically understand their dynamic.

The good news?

The constellation of his Moon is known as “the growing one” and is one of the sweetest for relationships.

People of this constellation want to be the best they can be, and want to help others to do so as well.

This amazed her even more, because he talked about “growth” all the time, saying to her things like, “I just want things between us to grow and grow…”

Best of all – the compatibility of his Moon constellation with hers (which is what matters most in relationships) is one of the very best for romance, and especially for PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY and comfort.

She told me she’d NEVER felt both so HOT and SNUGGLY with a man before, and that this was the first relationship in her entire life in which she’d been able to truly understand how two people could “melt” into each other and become as one.

(Cue the swelling violins about now…)

This could be seen by the fact that both of their Moon constellations have the same animal symbol – but his is male, and hers is female.

When two people are born under the same animal symbol of opposing genders – WOWZA.

It’s sexually and sensually AMAZING.

Now, I’m not talking about Chinese astrology.

(Though some of the animal symbols are the same.)

Everything I’m describing is from Vedic astrology, the system of ancient India that’s been looked to for thousands of years to arrange marriages.

And this “animal symbol” business is incredible.

I have a client, for example, whose animal symbol is an elephant.

So what does he do or a living? He founded a charity to save Asian elephants.

(And he didn’t even know anything about his

I have another client whose last name means “lion” in French.

Her animal symbol?

You guessed it – it’s a lion.

Mine is a male rat (yeah, attractive, I know!) and my first pet as a child was a rat, I’ve always been hugely sympathetic to rodents (feeding squirrels and capturing field mice in my home in humane traps) and I must admit I’m rather rat-like.

Rats are big nesters (I’m a huge homebody), and big eaters (you’ve probably noticed all the references to cookies and chocolates in these newsletters by now), enormously social, and are hunted by terriers.

The crazy part? I have a Jack Russell Terrier that bites ONLY ME – ALL THE TIME! :( Foolish of me to get a “rat dog” for a pet, but there you go…

Just one of the many amazing insights from the files of Vedic astrology.

So back to the couple of my story – once I told her that she was WIRED to do exactly what she was doing, she was able to STOP DOUBTING herself.

And, because her man is all about GROWTH, she was able to explain it all to him, and ask for his help.

He hadn’t realized she was feeling hurt and criticized, and as soon as he did he completely stopped his painful comments.

They got over this first challenge in their otherwise wonderful relationship, and are back on track, happier than ever.

She told me that the information about both of their individual natures as well as their compatibility as a couple gave her the confidence to stand up for herself and the faith that their relationship could handle it…

And it did.


(Don’t I have the coolest job in the world? :))

And may God and his planets and stars (and
constellations) shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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  1. Alisha on October 8, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    wow that is awesome how it all worked out for the woman in your story. I should go to a Vedic astrology website and see if me and my boyfriend are compatible. This article really helped me out now i wont doubt myself and just be who i was meant to be.

  2. Chris on November 18, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    I really liked the article because it pointed out something that I hadnt really thought about before. You are who you are and you can’t change it.Very insightful and will help me approach things differently myself. Thanks!

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