intuitionby Carole Hodges

Did you take time to create goals for 2011?
Are you committed to achieving them? If so, then pay attention, because there is one simple thing that will shape your future. If you don’t pay attention, you will pay with the pain of failure. You don’t need to take my word for it. This is your week to find out for yourself.


Each moment you are making mini-choices which create your life. After years of mini-choices, you have patterns. Patterns become habits and habits become your character. So your choices, intentional or not, shape who you are BEING in your life.

To create Simple Success, you must have CLARITY in your direction and where you are now. This week’s exercise helps you gain clarity about your mini-choices NOW.


As you go through the day keep a journal handy. Notice what you do, and write down your underlying motivation. For instance, perhaps you begin the day with a cup of coffee.

Be honest with yourself, do you do this because you love the taste of coffee? Or is it a habit? Or do you have it because your spouse or partner is having it?

Become an expert at observing yourself. Here are some examples: Why you accept invitations? Why do you turn them down? Who do you spend time with? Why those people? Why do you choose certain clothes? What are the important questions to ask yourself?

There is no need to change any of your normal behaviors. This is just an opportunity to notice them.


Was this exercise easy or difficult? What do you choose because it makes you happy? What do you choose to make other people happy? Did you compromise your own happiness for others? Are your choices moving you toward or away from your sense of purpose?

Did fear dictate certain choices? Were some choices robbing you of time and money? Do you want to make changes? When will you make better choices now? Did you celebrate the many choices that make you happy NOW?

Congratulations! This groundwork is making significant shifts in your success!

Live Your Light!

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