by Orna and Matthew Walters

Sometimes in regards to relationship we get stuck on the details rather than seeing the big picture. We feel strongly about someone and decide that because of those feelings that we’re “supposed to be with” that person.

Its important to remain focused on the bigger picture and what we truly desire.

Would you choose what you know to be true about what is or isn’t happening with whomever you might be hung up on over your ideal relationship with Mr./Ms. Unknown?

The only way to find out is to:

“Date to Discover” YOUR Personal Relationship Success

Date to discover things about YOURSELF!

Date to Discover how you feel.

Date to Discover how to be comfortable speaking how you feel.

Date to Discover how to set and keep boundaries.

Date to Discover how to ask for what you want.

Date to Discover your inner dialog.

Have a few people in rotation – date them, and date the world!

Allowing yourself to be in a place of DISCOVERY will open everything up for you.

If a man told you (regardless of the reason) that he’s not committed to being in a relationship with you right now – BELIEVE HIM AND MOVE ON!

You deserve to be with someone who is CRAZY about You!

Release ties to everyone from your past. Release your expectations from everyone in your life presently.

Be Clear On The Kind Of Relationship You Desire

This is where the details are helpful, not by making a laundry list of qualities, not by placing someone you already know in the picture in your mind, but rather being clear on the details of the RELATIONSHIP, HOW you will FEEL in it, and HOW it will FUNCTION.

The only way to find out is to Date to Discover and keep the focus of your DISCOVERY on YOU!

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