Are You Still Chasing Mr. Wrong?

When you’re “seeing” a man who’s difficult logistically (he’s married, or has a girlfriend, or lives far away, or has kids who demand all his time, or works an impossible job…) – and still feel a tremendous “attachment” to him emotionally – what you’re experiencing is “classic.”

by Rori Raye

And we’re all familiar with it.

I, for one, lived like this from man to man – never really understanding how I was creating and choosing this unfulfilling, soul and self-love destroying way of being with men.

He has literally said he doesn’t want to get involved. He has a girlfriend. You’ve seen him 8 times, and were sexual only twice.

Please know this: a great many of us are afflicted with the need to hurt ourselves emotionally by becoming deeply attracted to and emotionally engaged with men who do not have ANYTHING for us.

They do not mean to be hurtful, they just have nothing for us.

Please understand that this has nothing to do with the man – it has everything to do with our desire to “hire” a man to hurt us – and why?

Because, with a man who has nothing for us – we feel FREE!

We feel free to love, we can yearn, we can feel passionately — – this is our version of a teenage girl having a crush.

She instinctively wants to feel this dramatic passion that only seems possible with a man who is “out of reach” or simply is not able to be a match for us.

Remember that time?

A teenage girl who is able to let herself be involved with a boy who is not “all that” perhaps, but treats her wonderfully, gives her EVERYTHING, and cares for her is the best training any of us can have – and yet – practically none of us have experienced this.

The movie “8th Grade” creates this fantastic change in the main character – having her finally choose the man who WANTS her, instead of continuing to pine after the man she believes she wants.

So – I want you to begin this NOW.

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