What Am I Doing Wrong??

Have you been pushing love away and not realizing until it’s too late?

Do you avoid getting ‘too close’ out of fear based on past relationships?

Have you wondered how you can feel safer and more secure in allowing yourself to give and receive love fully?


If you have asked yourself these questions, believe me you are not alone.

You have probably discovered that no matter how hard you try, you tend to experience that same pain of rejection over and over again in a relationship that was just ‘getting good.’

That rejection may simply be based on the fact that you are actually pushing your partner away and not even realizing it!

Of course one of things you can do to avoid this pain is to look at your own issues with trust and abandonment.

Take a look at what is happening with your partner, and think about whether you were made to feel rejected or abandoned growing up.  Are you simply putting up the metaphorical ‘wall’ in various ways (getting angry over little things, rejecting intimacy, being argumentative) to protect yourself from experiencing those same, childhood feelings?

If this sounds familiar, there is some great advice on this video that will show you what you can do to stop this pattern of behavior now!

Don’t push love away – remember, our hopes and dreams must be stronger than our memories. 

Here is to you moving forward in love, to not allowing negative memories or past experiences block you from achieving what you most desire

To Better Love, Better Sex, Better Life

Your Team at LRR

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