relationshipby Jonathon Aslay

Please tell me it isn’t so in your relationship experience…

Please tell me that nice guys aren’t overlooked for the bad boys….

Unfortunately it seems to happen more often, the most attractive men are the emotional unavailable ones, sometimes called the BAD BOY.

The Bad Boy has the charm, the confidence, the swagger and the worst part… he often breaks your heart.

Let’s face it, wasting time on the wrong man is keeping you from attracting the right man for YOU

It’s Time to Learn How to Avoid the Bad Boy Relationship

Actually, he is really not the Bad Boy.

He’s just Mr. Wrong for YOU.

Mr. Wrong comes in many shapes and sizes.

Sometimes he is just a player

Sometimes he’s just not that into you

Sometimes he is emotionally unavailable

So how do you spot the player?

– He calls you at the last minute to make a date (maybe cuz someone else cancelled on him)

– He often seems to have a busy life

– He rushes a sexual relationship before the friendship

The list can go on and on

What about the guy that just not that into you?

OK, do I really have to list these… we all know him

AND, what about Mr. Emotionally Unavailable???

Let’s face it, if he is one of those guys that needs to be fixed…. RUN

RUN as fast as you can, because he is most likely emotionally unavailable

The Relationship with an Emotionally Unavailable Man

Recently I began coaching a woman in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable man, well actually she really isn’t in a relationship because Mr. EU is not even in relationship with himself so how can he be committed to YOU.

He is out of work, spends all day online (playing games) and he mostly is out of touch (with himself).

When we began working together I immediately recognized the problem and I am sure you can guess what it was.

Let me just say, he’s not a bad guy and he cares for her deeply, but until he finds himself he can’t commit to anyone else.

What she needed most was a hand to hold while she did the hardest thing in her life…. she knew she needed to break up with him. And she DID IT (good for her).

Friends, I am here to take care of you…

YOUR Heart Protector

Mr. Emotionally Unavailable is the most seductive of all the Mr. Wrong’s not the player

Mr. EU, sucks you in because woman are natural care takers, once your heart is invested and your body…. It’s too late.

(BTW, I have a little surprise at the bottom of this)

As a relationship mentors to hundreds of women, I’ve seen how devastating it is for women to have their hearts broken, year after year, because they keep falling in love with the wrong man.

If that’s happened to you, you know how painful it is.

If you’re like so many women, you have probably begun to doubt yourself and feel stupid because you haven’t been able to spot the wrong ones soon enough in a relationship.

And maybe you’ve felt like there’s something wrong with you that you haven’t been able to attract a really good man, a man who is capable of loving you because he really sees who you are.

Most everyone has gone through these heartbreaking experiences at least once.

To help you avoid getting your heart broken ever again,  I’m offering you a way to have the clarity necessary to know much more quickly if a man is worth even a moment of your time.


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