hung upby Lisa Steadman

Hi there,

To be honest, I see way too many beautiful, smart, successful women getting and staying hung up on a guy who’s not good for them.

And while the occasional run in with Mr. Wrong is normal during a single gal’s journey, getting stuck in a bad relationship or in a never ending loop of loving one Mr. Wrong after another can lead to massive heartbreak, disappointment, loss, and serious financial and emotional debt.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

And I’ve worked with enough women who are starting over yet again after Mr. Wrong wronged them that I want to help you change your fate.

Even if you’re not quite ready to manifest Mr. Right, you can take at least 1 step today to let go of your love for Mr. Wrong and/or your addiction to bad love.

First, I need you to be honest.

Are You Hung Up On Your Ex Because You Think He Was The One?

Are you paralyzed by the fear that you don’t have what it takes to find Mr. Right?

Do you spend countless nights lying awake, obsessing about how much time you’ve wasted in relationship after relationship that just never worked out?

I get it. I’ve been there. And as someone who once got love wrong every time until she woke up, wised up, and discovered what it takes to find Mr. Right, I want to share with you how being hung up on ‘What could have been’ is sabotaging your chances of finding love.

If you’re haunted by the disappointment you feel at what your future could have looked like but never quite materialized, STOP.

You’re not alone in getting hung up.

I’ve been there. And so have so many other smart, successful, amazing women just like you.

As women, we’re biologically and socially wired to want certain things: a home, someone to love, possibly a family. When a relationship ends, it’s like a part of our soul dies. The disappointment in ourselves and our inability to make love work can stifle any hopes of letting go and moving on to a more hopeful future.

But guess what?

It’s time to turn down the volume on that pain and disappointment.

It’s time to accept that for whatever reason, things didn’t work out with Mr. Wrong. You did your very best. In fact, I know you did more than your share to ensure relationship success.

You don’t have to know why the relationship ended in order to move on. But you do have to give yourself permission to stop looking over your shoulder, stop obsessing about “What could’ve been,” and instead reacquaint yourself with your present circumstances, freeing yourself up to walk step by step into that magnificent future.

Today, I Invite You To Ask Yourself: How Am I Hung Up On ‘What Could Have Been?’

And then, give yourself permission to let go of your fantasies about the past and step into the reality that Mr. Wrong wasn’t The One. You are not a failure at love. There’s STILL time for you to get love right.

You just have to get un-stuck first.

Can you see how being stuck in the trap of ‘What could have been’ is holding you back? If so, give yourself permission to set yourself free and move on.


From Sarah: Lisa Steadman is amazing. I had the pleasure of being introduced to her and having tea with her, and she’s just so real…and her story is so amazing. I know you’ll want to get her free newsletters and find out more about her coaching…especially if you’re suffering a broken heart right now. Just follow the link to stop being hung up on Mr. Wrong and find out more about Mr. Right—>>>

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