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Here’s a great question I received this week from a reader about how to get more love, romance and great sex by learning how to “talk dirty” to a man using my techniques:

*** QUESTION ***

What can I text or IM my boyfriend about a “fantasy” type of thing that will turn him on? In person I have no problem cause there’s actions along with it, and it’s physical. But as far as verbal.. I don’t know how to do it.. especially over text or messaging..


>>>>>> MY REPLY:

Hey Kay,

Thanks for the great questions!

Text messaging is much different then how you talk dirty in person…

…,as you have nothing to react to or work with…so it can seem like a shot in the dark.

The best thing to do is to drop him a sexual hint…reminding him of something you’ve done or giving him a “sneak peak” into something you want to do. Since you’re apart, the first message will be somewhat out of the blue…so you must change his mood, not his mind.

For example, say you had really great sex last night and you want to send him a message. Saying something like “I can still feel you from last night ;-P” or “I can’t stop thinking about you fucking me baby…I want you right now”

(Note – you can get much more graphic then that, but this is the gist of what you are communicating. You need to GIVE him a visual to react to.

The point is, you want to communicate how you feel *that moment* as a result of THINKING about him sexually.)

This will instantly cue his memory to play the mental movie of last night that will spark his interest and get his fantasy mind working.

He should give you plenty of feedback from there.

If he asks “oh yeah? How so?”

Describe – in detail – something specific that really turned you on…see how he reacts again.

Its also good to throw in something like “I wish you were inside me right now” (again, as graphic as you want). Saying “I wish” and “right now” are great trigger words that will instantly get his fantasy thinking about doing exactly that…to exactly “you”…at exactly that moment.

Its all a process of pushing the right buttons and working from the reactions. With text messaging, that first “push” is the most important. It will flow as you go along.

Hope that helps!

Ok…next caller please!

*** QUESTION *** So I’m very interested in this. Here is my situation.

I was dating this guy and it ended but we always stayed as friends and talking. then I realized he is a great guy I want him back. The problem is he has another girlfriend. We always send really graphic intense dirty text messages back and forth to each other, so I guess getting some feedback and more ideas will just keep this going.

Is his girlfriend really satisfying him that much that he has to come to me and tell me how bad he wants it? really? come on… if she only knew what he was texting…


>>>>>> MY REPLY:

Hey Melissa,

Well…sounds like you’re in a bit of a pickle there!

I totally understand what you’re talking about. You and him have your own “secret” little thing going on over text messaging…and even though you know how hot you’re making him…it doesn’t make ANY sense that he would stay with his new girlfriend instead of coming back to you.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but…

…the more dirty texts you send to him, the more you talk dirty, the more you’re allowing him to “have his cake and eat it too.”

I can just imagine how horny you make him…only so he can go and take it out on his new girlfriend.

And that is NOT fair to you at all.

My advice to you is this: STOP fueling his fire and letting him think that its “ok.”

And here’s how you do it.

The next time he texts you…or even if you want to start it up yourself…make it hotter then it’s ever been before.

Then, at the pinnacle of it all, call him out on it.

Example: “Yeah? So what, are you gonna go f*ck your new girlfriend now and pretend that she’s me? Sorry buddy, it doesn’t work that way…”

His jaw will drop…and so will his sex drive.

After this “atomic bomb” lands on him, don’t reply to anything he says at LEAST until the next day.

At that moment he’ll realize what’s really going on, and every time he looks at (or thinks about) his new girlfriend, you will pop in his mind.

Once he sees that its YOU that he desires (not her) he’ll come barking up your tree faster then a dog chasing a squirrel.

Then you hold the power…and you can take him back if you “feel like it.”

Just one thing: DO NOT do this out of spite…do this only if you really want him back and are ready to get into a serious relationship with him.

(I’m not one to promote relationships being destroyed…the whole Dirty Dialogue thing is all about happy monogamous relationships)

But in this case, he’s not playing fair. Use this info wisely!


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