Are You Feeling Discouraged About Men?

I’ve been hearing from a lot of women lately who are feeling frustrated and discouraged because they keep attracting men who disappoint them in some way.

by Helena Hart

The first step to turning this around is awareness – you can’t begin to change anything until you become aware of what’s going on.

To start turning this around, I want you to take a look at your OWN masculine energy – the part of yourself that’s about doing, thinking, planning, and making decisions – and see how it’s operating in your own life.

Something that spiritual teachers have been teaching for centuries is that there is no one separate from you.

There’s just YOU showing up in different ways out there in the world.

The men you meet and attract when you’re dating are like a mirror image of your OWN masculine energy that’s running your life.

This is something I first learned from my BRILLIANT mentor Rori Raye, and I’m going to expand on this concept here and give you some clear examples so you can start turning this around.

Whatever is going on in your own masculine energy inside of you – that’s what’s showing up in the men you’re meeting and attracting!

For example, if you’re critical of yourself, you’re going to attract – and be attracted TO – men who will criticize you or make you feel like you’re not quite good enough.

If your masculine energy is not taking care of your feminine energy – the part of yourself that’s about feeling, experiencing, receiving, and expressing – you’ll continually attract men who disappoint you. That’s all you’re going to see and experience out there in the world.

So I want you to ask yourself – what is your own masculine energy doing or NOT doing in your life that’s showing up in the men you’re attracting?

If you keep attracting men who abandon you, where are you abandoning YOURSELF?

If the men you attract make you feel like you’re not good enough somehow, what parts of yourself are YOU not loving and accepting?

If you attract men who don’t want to commit, where are you not committing to yourself and your OWN life?

If the men you attract don’t make you a priority in their life, where are you not prioritizing YOURSELF?

Take a look at how this is going on inside of you, and see where you can start making some connections.

This is NOT about blaming yourself for where you are in your love life (if you’re familiar with my work at all you know that beating yourself up about anything won’t help you) – it’s about becoming aware of the patterns so you can turn things around quickly!

In order to start attracting the kind of man who treats you well, wants to commit to you, and makes you a priority in his life, you need to be treating YOURSELF with all the love, care, and respect you’re looking for in a relationship.

I’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences with this!

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