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I understand why so many women feel so much anger toward men…what can you do to help relieve that?-

Men and women are not all that different. We may operate differently, think differently, but at core we want the same things. Most men want their “the one” as much as most women.

Most men love snuggling as much as sex, okay maybe not as much, but they do like it very much.

When it comes to anger, one thing I have found is when I feel something about someone whether it be positive or negative, it’s inevitably something which is reflecting back on me. He or she is my mirror. So if a woman is angry at her man, I would suggest taking a really good hard look inside. Ask yourself what you are angry about.

It could be just your hormones making you crazy. This is valid.

Aside from this, what is it that this person is saying or doing that reminds you of you, a part of you that maybe you don’t like so well.

Or what is it about this person reminds you of someone in your past, someone who hurt you.

This man in front of you is very likely triggering something inside you, something deep that has nothing to do with him at all.

Most of the time I operate under the assumption that it’s my stuff and not him. When I can look at things in this way, there is no anger.

If You Feel Anger At What He Says Or Does

Men can also say things in ways we don’t understand sometimes. They can be blunt, but they don’t mean it in the way we take it.

If this happens, take a deep breath, and ask yourself if this is really worth pursuing. Is he most of the time kind and considerate, loving and supportive. If yes then let it go.

If he has a habit of say leaving his clothes about, there are two strategies I can suggest. You can do your best to close your eyes to the mess, and then when he asks why he has no clean clothes, you can tell him there were none in the hamper.

Or, and this is what I prefer, you can look at this in another way. The clothes bother you. They obviously don’t bother him in the least. How about taking two seconds or less to pick them up as you pass by. Is this really a stress on your life and your psyche? Is this really such a big deal? You will feel better because your house is neater. And it only took less than two seconds. And who knows, maybe you stopping your nagging will prompt him to pick them up on his own.

If You’re Feeling Anger At What He ALWAYS Says Or Does

If he is chronically behaving in ways that make you feel bad though, then I would ask you why are you still there.

Having a full and rich sexual life will prevent much anger in the first place, so this is something to keep close.

Try making sex a priority. Schedule it in if you have to.

It’s really hard to feel anger at someone with whom you just shared an amazing orgasm.

Note From The Editors: Dominique is your girl if your heart is closed to your man because of anger – or if you feel closed to men in general because of anger you feel from your past experiences. Her techniques are to help you get more in touch with your body, and to heal your heart and your relationship through your own sexuality. Get her free newsletters and check out her amazing ebook “Sex and Heart” to help you turn your anger into love->

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