allana.jpgby Allana Pratt


Some women like touch, others gifts, others words of love… how about you? Personally I like it all!!! Yet I agree, there’s nothing like a man telling you how much he loves you and wants to devour you, yes?

When coaching couples I find that rarely are both parties the same in their top choice for affection… men generally like visual the most and women generally like verbal the most and both love physical affection. So what I encourage couples to do is remember that they are not trying to change each other, they are learning to love each other as they are… so as a gift from your deepest heart, give him more visual gifts of your body! HE thinks you’re hot even if YOU need to make peace with your thighs!

When a woman is willing to give, then the man is almost always more willing to give what she wants… more verbal affection. Give him pointers of what you like to hear rather than make him wrong if he doesn’t say what you want. Set him up to win with a script even until it becomes natural. Have patience that he’s doing his best and is trying to ravish you while being in unknown territory… really encourage him with your moans and physical affection and in no time you will have “trained” him to adore you the way you want to be adored.

Men LOVE to make us happy, we just need to set them up to win, truly appreciate their efforts in a way that inspires them to give more!

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