by Stephanie Shields

I have a question for you…

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to OTHER peoples relationships, everyone suddenly turns into Dick Tracy?

Just tell them what’s going on in someone else’s relationship and they will instantly roll their eyes and say “well she’s cheating on him” or “he’s screwing someone else”.

A funny thing happens though when it comes to your own relationships. People go from being “super detective” to being deaf, dumb and blind.

The reason for this is they lack OBJECTIVITY.

They cannot look at their own relationships with any objectivity. They can spot someone in another relationship cheating from a mile away, but can’t do the same with their own.

And this is the 3rd notorious mistake people make when they think they’re being cheated on.

You absolutely must distance yourself from your relationship — examine the facts — and add everything up from there.

This is also known as becoming emotionally detached.

Let me put it to you this way.

Think back to one of the happiest periods in your life — a time where a lot of things seemed to be going right.

Now, if during that time one of your friends had come to you to “lean on your shoulder” about some relationship problems
they were having (and as it turns out their problems are identical to what you’re now going through), what would your thoughts have been?

Not what are your thoughts right now, but what would your thoughts have been about this during that happy period in your life.

You probably would have a different opinion about your relationship back then you do now.

You see, right now you don’t have any clarity, any objectivity.

But you need to get it right now — and bad.

Try to look at your relationship as if it were someone else’s. It’s not easy to do, but everyone has the ability to do it.

Do it, and you’ll probably be surprised at what you come up with.


Stephanie Shields

From Sarah: Okay – I basically prefer Rori Raye’s way of dealing with jealousy and worring about if your man is cheating – but if you’re finding yourself obsessed and focusing on what he’s doing, and thinking about what to check out – his phone, his computer – this site is the place to go. Stephanie lays it all out – tells you WHAT to look for, and then how to deal with what you find. If I’m going to worry – I want to know what I’m dealing with, and not just be guessing…so go take a look and get her free newsletters at>

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