Are You Attracted To The Wrong Guys?

Here’s a letter we received:  Most of my relationships are with guys that turn out to be wrong for me. My current relationship is one of those men. I really love him but we certainly have our moments talking when we just don’t mesh with each other. Sometimes I feel almost smothered and drained. Is there a solution. We have so many things in common.


What you have described is quite common, especially for people with false attractions.

Remember, all attractions feel good.

The issue is whether or not what we re feeling is good guidance for selecting the right person to be with (True Attractions) or if what we re feeling consistently leads us to failed relationships (False Attractions).

I also have false attractions so I can relate to the issue.

Following an attraction feels so good.

After a period of time, however, we have the juice from the attraction continuing to drive us forward with hope and expectation while we re experiencing a steady deterioration in the relationship. It’s like driving a car while looking in the rearview mirror. We’re trying to drive forward while looking in the mirror to recover all the great feelings that we see back there. After successive crashes we know it doesn’t work.

The quality of your attractions sets you up for some big challenges.

Your style of communication is the most important trait.

You should insist on being with someone with whom you share that trait.

Know your alignments on the front end to avoid what you are currently experiencing and to know the long-term potential of your new relationship.

The short answer to your question is, DON’T follow your attractions. Find someone with the same communication style as yours and start discovering the benefits.

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