receive loveby Virginia Feingold Clark

As women, sometimes it’s hard to receive love; we are primarily doers and givers. Look at your life and think of all the things you do for others. I bet you’re there for your girlfriends and family whenever there’s a problem. I know I am, I want to help them and I want to be needed.

But your giving nature can become a problem when you are trying to create a loving relationship with a man. If being a giver is the way you relate to the world then most likely you don’t “receive” well from others.

This can cause a lot of frustration and heartbreak in your romantic relationships and you might not even be aware of it. It’s one of the main barriers that keep you from connecting deeply with a man.

When men woo a woman they’re particularly interested in an important aspect of their pursuit, which is to tend to her needs and do for her. Men need to feel that they’re important to you, that they are have something to offer you that you can’t do for yourself.

If You Find It Hard to Receive Love, It Will Show Up in Many Ways. Here Are a Few:

1. You don’t take compliments well, you deflect them away. For example, a man says that you are looking particularly pretty. Your response is to get embarrassed and reply that you don’t really … or you could look better if (fill in the blank).

2. You have a hard time letting your date take the lead when you go out. You can’t help but suggest where you should go or what you should do. You make the decisions and begin to take charge of your “social life” together.

3. You have a hard time showing vulnerability: You hide how you’re feeling with a man and pretend that things are fine when they’re not.

These are just a few examples of how you may be too much of a giver in relationships. This is a hard trait to change because it requires that you give up the control you’re used to having in other areas of your life.

To Receive Love Is to Let Go

It may be a surprise for you to learn that your giving nature is a way you control the people around you. When you give, you are the one who decides when and how much!

When you let other people give to you, you are not in the driver’s seat, you are at the mercy of what they chose to do for you.

If you’re with a man who wants to do for you, and you find that you can’t accept his efforts because it’s just too scary to let that in, well, you need to admit to yourself that you are out of balance and you need to make some changes.

Being a vulnerable woman who knows how to receive love will change your life for the better. If you don’t know how to begin, I can help you. Take advantage of my complimentary 30 minute phone consultation and I can give you some tips about how to be more of a receiver.

There are times you can’t do it alone, but please understand there is no shame in that.

I’m happy to be connecting to you here and I welcome your questions and your thoughts.

In the meantime don’t forget, things can change in an instant, don’t lose hope!


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