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Men are ever-watchful, when dating, to avoid getting involved with high maintenance women.

You’ve heard of High Maintenance women but do you know what that means? Hopefully, after I explain this sad malady, you’ll cleanse any HM behavior you might have going.

First, a high maintenance woman needs things to be just right. She extremely particular what restaurant, or type of restaurant, she needs to be taken to. She’s extremely particular what table she needs to sit at. She’s extremely particular how she needs her food to be prepared. She’s extremely particular about how she needs her date to dress. She’s extremely particular about where she needs to go on a vacation.

Are You High Maintenance When Dating?

There are two words here that you should have picked up on. One is “extremely” and the other is “needs.”

Second, with all those needs, she is going to point out when things aren’t right. Most men won’t go on a second date with this kind of woman because she’s unpleasant to be around. But some women keep this behavior under tight wraps at first, trying to put her best stiletto forward. But when her needs are this extreme, they squish out eventually.

That’s when the guy starts heading for the door. It’s pretty obvious to spot this kind of woman and even more obvious why a man would not want to get involved with her. Even her women friends can handle only so much of her self-centered behavior.

But what about the Stealth High Maintenance woman? This kind of woman sneaks up on a man, he doesn’t realize that’s what he’s got. All he knows is that he doesn’t feel good being around her.

How Does the Stealth High Maintentance Woman Approach Dating?

So how to you define a SHM woman? She lets her date know in subtle ways that he’s disappointing her. She sighs when she says, “Sure, that restaurant will be just dine.” But he can tell that he’s blowing it, he just doesn’t quite know why.

The SHM woman doesn’t get second or for sure, third dates very often. She doesn’t understand why and neither does he. What’s going on is she doesn’t know the most powerful strategy for getting and keeping a man’s interest.

Do you want to know what that strategy is? Be the reason he feels good, the reason his mood is lighter, the reason he’s happy he’s a man. You have the power to do that.

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