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From Sarah: I’m introducing Matthew Walters and his Downloads for Change company here. It’s incredible help through hypnosis – solving nearly every problem you could have – productivity, fears, phobias – everything – in your own home with downloadable guided sessions. I’ve seen these kinds of programs all over the web, and I so wanted to try them all but didn’t feel trusting…but I KNOW Matthew. I’ve experienced the quality of his work and the kindness and gentleness he radiates, and I know what he does works, and I trust him…so this is the first in his series of tips and help…

In order to understand how listening to a hypnosis recording is going to give you the results you want, we need to explain a little about how hypnosis works. Another word for hypnosis could be suggestibility, because when you are in hypnosis, you are open to suggestion on the subconscious level.

And since 88-90% of our behavior is controlled on the subconscious level-meaning most of our behavior we don t consciously choose, we just do it the way we ve always done it- then that suggestion is so much more powerful than a suggestion given just to your conscious mind.

How often do you know that you should do something (like exercise regularly), and then you sabotage that behavior?

That is because there is a disconnect between what the conscious mind wants and the program running on the subconscious level.

If you teach the subconscious to do what the conscious mind desires then you create rapport with yourself and you ve got 100% of your brain working towards your health, happiness and success.

So, another way to understand this idea of suggestibility is to think of it as a learning state. Now we ve all been able to learn something new, haven t we? The key is to realize that all of us learn differently.

Some of us learn more literally, others more inferentially. Some of us respond more kinesthetically, others more visually. So it would seem that the key to the effective use of hypnosis products would be to use those that address the different types of suggestibilities.

The other key to a program s effectiveness is how you get into the hypnotic state. It can sometimes be difficult at first to know whether or not you are hypnotized.

Sure you feel relaxed and refreshed after listening to the program, but how do you know for sure. Here at Downloads for Change we strongly recommend that you listen to the deep trance program 3 times before getting into the tracks devoted to creating new habits.

This ensures that you will go into a hypnotic state quickly and easily and more time can be devoted to teaching your subconscious mind the new habits and patterns you desire.

So, why not get started and create the life you most desire. We look forward to assisting you on the journey, and we will be with you every step of the way.

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