relationshipBy Pam Reaves

There are those people who need a relationship because they fear being alone. The thought of no one being around them is terrifying, or maybe it is the thought of being alone with self that is terrifying. Some people equate the state of alone with being lonely.

However it is possible to be alone without experiencing or suffering from certain feelings of loneliness some people fear.

There is also a state of alone that feels much better than the noise of an impersonal crowd that may be oblivious or insensitive to your physical or emotional needs. So don’t become alarmed about the physical state of alone, but rather consider it as the perfect opportunity for you to go to the Quiet Place.

If you have not experienced the virtues of the Quiet Place, it is time to start learning the importance of spending time in this safe haven reserved exclusively for you and the Creator.

The solitude found in this place of refuge can be the peaceful place that is impossible for you to find despite all of your efforts to obtain inner peace from external forces; it is the sanctuary where you find protection for your well-being; it is where you are brought back into focus from a whirlwind of activity that may have landed you in a state of confusion; and it is the retreat we all need to visit as often as possible whether we’re in a relationship or not.

In the Quiet Place there are no distractions, criticisms or any other impediments separating you from reaching your peak at the right time. You only have to listen to the Creator’s voice, and as well as your inner-voice. There are no conflicting bits of advice to make you second-guess your intuition. There are no naysayers planting seeds of doubt instead of words of support.

There are no naïve questions from those who may not understand the wisdom of the inner-voice. The Quiet Place is that peaceful place where you are safe from insult, criticism or any other negative feedback that keeps you anxious, doubtful, or fearful of proceeding. When you are alone in the Quiet Place, you are not lonely because you are in touch with the person who knows you best (you) and the Deity who created you.

So if you are with the person who knows you best and the Deity who created you, you are in the perfect environment to receive healing, strength, inspiration, and whatever other ministrations you are in need of.

Sometimes the greatest source of comfort comes from standing absolutely still – doing absolutely nothing. You do this best in the Quiet Place. Sometimes the best recourse is to do absolutely nothing because everything does not require a response. Naturally our bodies and minds know this.

Body systems can become worn out when we attempt to respond to every demand or piece of instruction, try to maintain unreasonable schedules, or try to please everyone else while neglecting our bodies and our minds. I believe someone calls it the “Disease to Please”, and the Disease to Please oftentimes manifests itself in forms of physiological and psychological sicknesses.

The mind can shut down from overload when you attempt to absorb more advice than necessary, advice that may be good for the advice-giver, but not necessarily good for you.

The emotional collapse will occur when you become lost and confused, working overtime attempting to understand everything, refusing to accept that there are some things you will never understand, and coming to terms with the fact that some things were never intended for you to understand.

The manifestations of body and mind overload are the warning signals trying to tell you that it is time to steal way to the Quiet Place. So listen to these warnings because in the Quiet Place, there are no disquieting sounds to respond to; there are no actions you are required to take if inaction is the best solution, and all systems are eased into a state of rest.

You are at peace, you are resting, your every need is being ministered to, and you will never again have to fear the state of being alone. Visit the Quiet Place as often as possible.

Pamela R. Reaves

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