The term “SOUL MATE”, often understood and confused as being one single person that will complete you, enfolding you in unconditional love.

A singular person holding the key to your heart and happiness…

The word “soulmate” has been used longer than I can remember.

Even many of the books of our childhood underline this position. One book being Shel Silverstein’s, “The Missing Piece.”

This book actually does show the character progression of learning that we are not actually missing anything despite deceiving evidence.

… And that is an important thing to note, “DESPITE ANY DECEIVING EVIDENCE WE ARE WHOLE.”

We Are Whole…Alone…Despite Any Deceptive Evidences.

Which causes the inner-detective to inquire: what, other un-useful things do I believe?

So let’s talk about that for a moment.

The confusion I’ve observed and experienced for myself around the idea of what it means to enter into a true partnership with another and then….allowing that relationship to naturally blossom from one phase of attraction and commitment to another.

Many people tend to cling to people, things and relationships that are not prepared for or even WANT the relationship in question.

When that happens, we wind up with phenomenal disappointments on our hands, with plenty of blame and resentment, which is what I do not want for you.

You are too precious for that, much too precious to stay in that space.

Waking up with that realization of what you want and seeing with true eyes what is in front of you, however, can be a relief while simultaneously offering you an opportunity to grieve properly as well.

So that we are clear though, I do still believe in the soul mate connection.

I Believe In Soul Mate Connections to me it means, a partnership that continues to choose each other as well as the relationship and life together.

As an off-the-cuff, personal definition of what the soul mate connection means to me; an intimate dance with intuition and reality within the self and in the relationships we have committed to.

Where you stand now in terms of having the relationship you want will come down to:

learning how to see,
and soften
walk away….
when that may be the last thing that even seems logical in the heat of the moment.

How does that sit for you?

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