angerBeing human is all about having feelings and having various emotions: Love, hate, happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, bliss, joy, frustration, exhaustion and so on.

However, one of the most powerful emotions that human beings encounter is that of anger.

Anger in some people can be very overwhelming to the point that it habitually involves upsetting other people, usually their feelings, but at times physically.

Anger Can Root Predicaments In Both Your Personal And Professional Life

Generally, anger in a relationship can cause breakdowns, psychological and physical trouble, criminal actions, and others.

Although anger is considered a normal emotion and the body’s reaction to upsetting events, not being able to control anger can consequence destruction in one’s relationships.

Letting Anger In A Relationship Persist Causes Damage – And Hiding It Causes Even Worse Damage

Living in an angry environment can be feel very soul-destroying.

Being in intimate relationships means living in close connection with each others personalities, likes, main concerns and habits of doing things.

And this close familiarity results in frequent clashes!

It’s so easy to notice shortcomings and become more critical and short-tempered with each other, putting blame onto each other for creating an uncomfortable life.

Unless the rise of anger in a relationship is dealt with, the relationship will suffer.

Couples may truly love each other, but if they start to repeatedly get angry with each other without thoughtfully talking about what’s going on that’s causing the anger, the happy times together will turn out to be lesser and farther between.

Sooner or later there will be a point in time where even before they recover from one anger state, the next has already begun.

A relationship can’t survive such conditions. Therefore – failures, breakups and separations.

In intimate relationships, the chances of getting angry arises a lot of time even during a single day, so to put a stop to the upsurge of bad feelings – you need to get used to dealing with anger the moment it starts to arise.

The same way that living in a healthy environment means clearing away all the daily waste, clearing the mind with the mess of anger as soon as it emerges will allow you to build a much stronger relationship.

The more you allow anger in a relationship to accumulate –  it become increasingly hard to deal with.

If you let it out as an “attack” – or stuff it down inside you and try to hide it – the anger will either create a feeling of “unsafeness” in the relationship, or fester into a bigger wound than the original argument created.

Either way, you jeopardize the relationship.

Always keep in mind that anger in any relationship, whether intimate or not, is inevitable, and even necessary. It’s part of being human and working out conflict – and MOST important – it let’s the other person see your humanness and vulnerability and deepens the emotional connection in the relationship.

How you handle anger can change you into enemies.

OR – it can bring you closer!

The general assumption that anger comes up when we come across disagreeable people is not accurately true; it is the anger that’s already inside us that transforms the people we meet into our anticipated foes.

In so many ways, intimacy is all about letting what’s already inside us surface, be seen, and be loved and accepted by your beloved.

A lot of times, anger arises from a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of behavior. Men can seem like mysteries, and as long as we feel that distance, we’re stuck with guessing at their real motivations and needs. If you want to know if there’s really a reason for all this anger you’ve got against your man, or whether your man has a romantic bone in his body, you’ll want to check out our “Attract The Hell Out Of Him – Crack The Secret Code Of His Personality” ebook right here, and get the anger out of your relationship->


  1. Trish smith on October 10, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    Hi,i have been with this guy for a year and he accused me of having sex with my sons because we have a mom sons relations that a parent has with her children. How do I change his mind and his way of thinking about me it hurts that he thinks this way I have never cheated on him but he still thinks this way please help me he is a great guy but a woman can only take so much.

  2. amy on January 23, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Hi im amy. I’ve been in a love hate relationship for 4 years. There is time where it is great but times that are downright ugly. We have become physical with eachother multiple times. Sometimes its a sorry a few hours later or its a fuel for another fight down the road. We have been through the loss of twins together, legal matters and we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter together. I know alot of his frustrations are coming from work. Mine is him. He is possessive but astrayed at the same time. He has anxiety problems he hides with shuttijng himself away from his family, drinking or other uses. I have left several times but everytime I know he needs me I need him and my little girl needs us. I know I know I know doesn’t fix the issues but it seems to put a temporary hold on us. I have broken trust with him in my legal issues and he has astrayed from me once that I know of. I love him dearly. I know most of his anxiety and outtbursts are from his upbringing. His father and step father did it to his mom. His mother has told me repeatedly that she’s affraid he has turned into his dad. Which scares the hell outta her. But I do believe that if there’s a will there’s a way. He will not go to get help. I have and it always ends up with just leave. I wont do that. we are not married but having kids seals the deal with my morals. I want to do what’s right but like previously said. A person can only handle so much.

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