marriageby Rori Raye

Here’s a letter from Millie, who’s suffering after the end of her marriage of 35 years:

“Hi Rori, I feel so helpless. I was happily married for 35 yrs, when one day my husband made some bad business decisions, involved my family in it, and our marriage was destroyed.

I had a childhood friend that had gone through a divorce of 33 yrs and I was trying to help him through it for a year before my divorce. When I was going through my divorce he was my strength and we talked day and night.

He had a live in girlfriend that he complained so much about I couldn’t figure why he kept her. One week he came into my city for training and we both felt sparks.It was so intense for me I couldn’t believe it.

He went back moved his girl out and asked me to marry him.

We live 12 hours away from each other and our talks continued.

Our first disagreement he moved her back and said he regretted it…but kept her.

I started dating someone else and he got jealous..I tried to love this new guy but all that kept me tied to him was that he kissed just like my first guy. He felt it and it ended.

The moment my first guy found out he wrote me a long love letter and said he would not risk losing me again and again marriage plans were made.

The date was set and we met for a beautiful weekend at the beach where he was to give me my ring.

Instead I found out he hadn’t told his live in girl about his decision and even said “Give her some dignity” needed time..I broke it off and ignored him for 4 months but I can’t let him go.

I have tried so many times..No one compares to how I feel for him. I know you will say let him go…but how????

Please tell me how..We have so many things in common..I wish I could date a lot of men like you say but at 56 it is hard..We are ‘friends’ now but he knows how I really feel.

He says he is confused.

Everyone tells me I am a fool..I am! Millie”

My Answer:

Dear Millie,

There is no such thing as a “confused” man when it comes to love.

At least not a confused GOOD man.

Your man seems perfectly content to play you like a yo-yo.

Though it seems he can’t seem to choose between this other woman and you, it seems to me he’s playing each of you off the other.

It may seem like she’s the one getting the short end of the stick, and that he loves you but is simply “confused,” – but to me it seems like his relationship with that other girl is the one that’s sticking, and you come into the picture only when that one goes bad for a spell.

Ignoring him is the only way to go, so I congratulate you.

And dating other men is the only way to go.

Believe me – 56 is young!

I work with women of 66 and up, and they have as much or more success than anyone.

It’s all in your attitude, and how willing you are to use my techniques.

***This is pretty much a conversation starter.

Have you ever felt addicted and completely “out-to-sea” like Millie? Can you feel for her – or is your immediate instinct to judge her?

I identify totally with the humiliating experience of ignoring all kinds of signals, getting taken in, and fooled – though not this close to a “ring.”

How about you?

Love, Rori

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