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What makes us at LoveRomanceRelationship so unique and such a good choice for you to represent goes beyond the products we so carefully create — we want your affiliate relationship with us to be far more profitable for you than anything else out there by offering you this:

Once you’re an affiliate (you can sign up or you automatically become an affiliate simply by purchasing any of our products), any customer you send to us becomes linked to you, and is your customer… forever (you cannot be your own customer of course.) All you need to do to make this work for you is to put any of the links or ads from the affiliate pages on your blog or website, or even in an e-mail to a friend. And once your friend, reader or customer purchases an item you receive 50% of any sales we collect from them. Forever.

And the amazing thing we’ve discovered is that once a woman experiences the incredible quality of one of our e-books, she tends to buy more. Each of our products is so specific to helping you have the relationship you want, it feels natural to purchase many of them.

For example: once you’ve experienced “Crack The Secret Code Of His Personality,” and discovered how powerful “getting” a man’s personality type is, then you instinctively know that “Crack The Secret Code Of His Body Language” will be equally excellent and helpful. Each program offers another skill set, and because one program has worked so well for you, you’ll want to purchase more and add to your success in love.

We are so excited to be able to do this and have integrated Digital Access Pass software that allows you to participate globally across our entire site – a system that will enable you to claim a percentage of every sale from a customer who’s linked to you from the beginning. It’s a unique system, and it makes promoting LoveRomanceRelationship easy, fun, and profitable even when you aren’t actively “doing anything” to try to make a sale.

In addition to providing you with the usual banners, text ads, simple links, e-mails to send to your list, articles and other ways for you to promote our products, we’ll also be happy to help you any way we can to be successful. We’re developing audio and video clips, free tele-classes for your readers, clients and friends, and free advice. We want you to simply recommend our website or one of our products, and let our website do the rest for you.

If you have any questions about how this works – or even if you’d like some business guidance on how to make your website or blog work better, attract more traffic and promote our products more efficiently — please feel free to e-mail me via our affiliate contact form.

What we’ve built here is a community. A community of relationship experts who do more than just say the same things that everyone else says, and a community of loyal and motivated readers and customers. Our products and programs are dedicated to actually helping real women get the love and relationship that they want — and we feel tremendous pride at being able to offer this high quality/high results information to women everywhere.

We welcome you as a member of this community and invite you to profit financially simply by spreading the word of

Sincerely, Steve

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