affair detectorOkay, we found some articles by different people selling a program to help you gather evidence to KNOW if your man is cheating on you called “Affair Detector” – an ebook by Stephanie Shields

As much as we hate strategy, game playing, and checking up on a man’s email and phone…we thought we’d talk about it, and let you see for yourself if this is what you want.

I’ve also come to see, after hearing from so many women – that a man can fool you. He can lie to you. And – what are you to do BUT check up on him.

It makes sense to say – if you feel weird and uncomfortable – leave.

And yet – I know how many of us women can “make things up.” How we can both IGNORE our intuition about whether a man is cheating on us, or go in the opposite direction and be suspicious and jealous about EVERYTHING – and pretty much push a good man away with stuff we make up.

Here’s what Affair Detector tells you – and yes – it works. I know SO many women who would never have known what their boyfriends and husbands were doing behind their backs without doing these things.

It makes you wonder if Sandra Bullock or Maria Shriver would have saved themselves a very long time of being fooled and much grief if they’d hired a private detective, or at least used the steps in this book.

The choice is yours – but we wanted you to have this information:

Here are some of the questions to ask yourself:

Do you suspect your boyfriend is cheating on you?
Is he always taking quick cell phone calls and then leaving you to go out?
Does he text others constantly?
Does he act suspiciously about his whereabouts?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions then you are probably in the market for a product that can teach you how to catch your boyfriend cheating.

So we’re recommending Affair Detector – and it will do just that.

If you’re on the fence, and not sure if you’re making things up or if he’s betraying you, you’re probably like most of us and need EVIDENCE.

If you want to confront him, or just talk to him, or simply walk out the door – if you’re a woman who’d feel better knowing the facts and don’t trust the ones you’re getting from your man – Affair Detector will show you the different ways that cheaters typically try to cover their tracks.

You’ll learn how to do “surveillance” on your boyfriend without his ever knowing that you have been snooping on him.

(Okay – it get’s more intense here, but I also know so many women who’ve saved themselves misery down the line this way, and I think I’d prefer to have this information and decide how I want to use it…):

Affair Detector can help you break email passwords and track down credit card statements and find website browsing histories.

In addition you’ll learn how to check your boyfriend’s cell phone call history to figure out whom he has been talking to.

You may be able to read deleted text messages too – and you’ll be able to do all of these things without getting caught by your cheating boyfriend.

The Affair Detector product even includes a checklist for cheaters that you can use to determine whether or not you really have a problem with your boyfriend or not. The answers that you give to the questions in the checklist will help you to determine the likelihood that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Regardless of the answer, you’ll want to know one way or the other. The sooner you know he is cheating then the sooner you can protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and the pain of living in doubt and suspicion.

Here’s a part in the book I think would be REALLY helpful (most relationship books don’t talk about this):

Once you’ve determined he is a cheater, the Affair Detector will help you to confront him. There are certain techniques you can use to make the confrontation go well and can prepare you emotionally and verbally for that conversation.

And I like that it deals with this, too:

You can even learn how to recover from having an unfaithful partner with this product. Affair Detector will assess your personality and based upon your answers will advise you the best way for you to recover from infidelity.

You deserve better.

If you’re not sure if your man is betraying your trust and leaving you open to STD’s and emotional heartbreak – and you really feel the need to have the information to use when you feel you need to  you need to catch him at it – then you need to have the information now. Here’s where to find Stephanie Shields ebook (you can download it instantly)  Affair Detector->

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  1. Crystal on August 21, 2011 at 12:41 am

    Thanks for the information affair detector. Evidence is important, so you won’t be talked out of what you think you know.

  2. garry on August 22, 2011 at 6:25 am

    very vital information here, i think we should get a way of putting it to test

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