single momby Allana Pratt

Navigating life as single women is a slippery slope. Being single can quickly unleash feelings of loneliness, self doubt and cranky competition.

Insecure single women will chose an ugly friend, use her for someone to talk to until they snag a man to assuage her neediness and give her attention.

Low self esteem single women will even pick apart their best friend’s new love interest for fear the friend might be proven “fairest of them all” first.

Lonely Single Women May Fall into the Trap of Thinking They’re Not Enough Unless They Have a Man

If you feel unable to sit in the fire and source your worthiness from within, it makes you feel unwilling to wake up, heal your heart and alchemize your painful life lessons into self esteem.

And yet society promotes a belief that there isn’t enough to go around, that you need to compete with other single women to get the guy, to freak out if you’re single and over 30, like you’ve somehow missed the boat and may be stranded on Defective Damsel in Distress Island forever.

Media promotes valuing external factors to get the guy which contributes to eating disorders, beliefs that thinner, blonder and younger is better. We looove to watch competitive bachelorettes turn into bridezilla’s.

Self Confidence Is Sexy in Single Women

Let’s face it. It doesn’t seem sexy to do the mature internal work to become a secure, conscious, awake and high self esteem woman. It takes meditation, personal growth and healing childhood wounds to truly celebrate her sister’s relationship, to trust there’s enough for everyone, to live knowing Love is Infinite experiencing the fullness and harmony of Self Love.

Yet it’s worth it. Low self esteem always attracts low self esteem, a man who will eventually cheat, betray or leave you. High self esteem always attracts high self esteem, a man who will honor, adore and cherish you, complemented by attracting high self esteem girlfriends who support, listen to and celebrate your ups and downs along the delicious journey of being a woman.

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