fallby Lori Ann Robinson

Accessories…those small wonders that can MAKE or BREAK a look. They are those finishing touches that take your outfit from good to GREAT in a flash. Often we can wear simple classics and with a few key accessories make our clothing come alive.

Here are a few ideas to help you with Successful Accessorizing

Evaluate the accessories you have, and eliminate the unnecessary and worn out ones——fill in the missing links

Wear accessories to add punch to an outfit – don’t overdo it

Experiment with accessories to stretch your wardrobe

Buy accessories that improve the look you are trying to achieve

Plan before buying, making sure you can wear accessories with many outfits

So before you hit those sales here are some suggestions

Statement Jewelry – Can you say BIG and BOLD? Necklaces, pins, bracelets and rings are where it is at. The great thing about this look is you can wear just one of these items to look current. Aldo, Express,and Loehmans have some great affordable pieces.

BIG Handbags and smaller clutches– pick a bright and cheery one to add a bit of zing to a neutral outfit. Patent leather is still around, and it wears like iron. Gone are the days of the matchy-matchy to your outfit or shoes. Your handbag can stand alone with it’s own color personality. Check out Macy’s fabulous sale days for some great bargains and Loehmans too.

Tights– every color of the rainbow. If the vibrant colors are too daring for you, stick to black…always tres chic. If you do choose to a wear color, make it a contrast to what you are wearing. This will give your outfit a “hip” pop of color. H&M, Forever 21 have good sections, and the brand HUE is one of my favorites.

Belts– the waist is the focal point this season and every width of belt is out there. Pick one that is in good proportion for you. Belts can actually give you the illusion you have a waist. And don’t forget the shapewear, preferably TC to whittle your waist before you add a belt. Your secret weapon. Check out Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Nordstrom sales.

Boots– All styles are here, and the shoe boot is the rage. Be careful with that one if wearing with skirts. It is a heavy look at the foot, and if your legs are a bit shorter it can make them look clunky and thick. The shoe boot is best with opaque tights in the same color to give a longer leg look. Great finds at DSW and Shoe Pavilion (yes, there are a few around still).


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