If you've been all over the web looking for the secret to love, romance and relationships then this is the place for you, and we'd like to share some of the great help we've discovered. In addition to all the amazing information you'll find here, we want to get a discussion going about a great many things no one else is talking about out there, so remember to comment.

Friends are great, but let's face it, they're having the same troubles as we are, and often don't have enough perspective to see what's really going on in any of our love lives

Our goal is to create a site for women who are really working to get to a better place with their relationships with men.  Our editors, Sarah,  Steve (for a man's point of view) and Ariella are researching, reading and trying out every book out there on how to have a great relationship, how to get over a breakup, how to attract a man - especially Christian Carter and Rori Raye, whose approaches are similar but solve problems differently.

I have a great relationship thanks to all the "relationship experts" who are featured on this site. Their advice has saved my love life from the awful place it was in and I continue to read and research, not only to make my own relationship better but to seek out the best relationship advice I can find for the site.

My Ph.D. in Communications gives me a technical base to work from when it comes to understanding and improving relationships,  plus I've had my fair share of experiences on which to draw! I feel pretty lucky to have a job that exposes me to some of the best minds in the area of relationships and  hopefully I will only get better at them and at locating more great material for LRR.

We're all looking forward to knowing you and reading your comments, your advice and wisdom.

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