loveby Joyce Kenyon


It’s so vast, let’s start with a bit about human love (which includes “LIKING A LOT”) – and in the next issues move on to the broader love for humanity known as AGAPE – and then to Universal, Unconditional (Spiritual) LOVE.


Can be a delightful or an agonizing emotion – and everything in between. Either way, it is an EMOTION that always involves an OBJECT (loving something or someone or some situation) – and being pleased by your loved one’s response or actions. It usually has conditions: I love you IF you love me – or if I love what you’re doing or how you’re acting…(with some people, it’s safer to love for them to love when it’s unattainable)…


– a strong “liking” or enjoyment (I love to do this or that….I loved that movie … )
– a warm feeling of affection for someone or something (often felt or sensed in the chest/heart area) for a person, a pet, or …
– an intense emotion &/or attachment for someone or something
– it’s frequently identified with sexual attraction.

HUMAN LOVE USUALLY involves a feeling of NEED

– needing to have your wishes met …
– needing to be “loved in return” (for some people, it’s safer to love to love when it’s unattainable)
– needing to be with your loved one as much as possible (or always)…
– needing to feel fulfilled by their love – and by your own love.


– It can move quickly from love – to disinterest – to dislike – to hatred (not necessarily in that order)
– It often depends on your mood – or how you feel physically (even if you had enough sleep that night)
– Usually based on seeing that person or situation from the very limited perspective of what you think that person should be or do.

HUMAN LOVE RARELY SEES the other as a WHOLE BEING, but is focused on the PART you like – or want.

For those of you who have studied The Radiance Technique® you can see both the PART and the WHOLE – and enjoy them both. The Radiance Technique® accesses whole energy and as you apply it supports from within the expansion of your capacity to see yourself and others more clearly.

Learn to love the whole.

In Radiant Support Always :) Joyce

From Sarah: Joyce Kenyon is head of Radiance Light & Power Co.  She’s an authorized Instructor & Seventh Degree Initiate of The Radiance Technique(R)Authentic Reiki(R).  Follow the link if you want to find out more about how she can bring radiance to your love life.

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