by Andrea Albright

The deeper I go into this journey of healthy, permanent fat and weight loss, the clearer I see that freedom from the struggle with your weight…

And stopping the “dieting” obsession that plagues our culture…

Is when you find your own personal spiritual path to weight loss.

I’m not here to convince you that you have a spirit or even show you how to “be spiritual” (from my experience, only YOU can show yourself that)…

But what I am here to talk to you about is aligning your spiritual path with how you care for your body.

When you get that aligned, then weight loss is inevitable and permanent.

Your Spiritual Path To Weight Loss Is Your Own

How you define “spirit” and how you connect to your spirit is personal.

No one can tell you how you connect to your spirit because no two people are exactly alike, but the experience of spirit is universal.

The way that you know you are connected to spirit is when you feel flooded with Love, acceptance, and you feel a lightness inside your body, heart, and mind.

When you feel “whole” and completely safe, with a deep sense of peace and gratitude for your body and whole Self… that’s when you know you are connected to something “bigger than you”.

How you get there is not important… what is important is that you recognize this place inside of you is also connected to your body.

Your body is the physical manifestation of your spirit.

They are, in fact, one and the same.

That’s why when you love and cherish your body, you are aligned with your deepest, truest Self.

You feel happier, more loving, more accepting of ALL beings including yourself.

Your perspective of your body changes. Instead of focusing on what you “don’t like”… you see what an AMAZING miracle your body is, and what a GIFT it is. You CHOOSE to cherish and love it.

You are allowing the love of your spirit to shine through.

Be in this place.

Live in this place.

Make your choices of HEALTH from this place.

And you will lose weight without even thinking about it.

When You Fall Down, Pick Yourself Back Up

It is a continuous journey, and you are never “there” without intention or effort.

You will fall out of alignment, and it is up to you to gently guide yourself back.

This is the journey.

This is the practice.

This is how your spiritual muscle grows stronger and stronger every day of your life.

When you fall out of alignment with your body~spirit connection, don’t just accept that that’s the way it’s going to be.

Find your way back.

Don’t stop until you get back to that place of love and acceptance for your body.

Your spirit is waiting for you to return and will always accept you with the Love and Light you are craving.

When you feel this unconditional love and acceptance inside of you, you don’t run to sugar or fattening foods to “feel good”…

You don’t beat yourself up inside your body and mind because you feel like you “don’t deserve” to be happy and healthy…

You KNOW that you deserve everything in life: a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a radiant spirit.

You have that feeling of love and acceptance from a deeper place inside of you. And this universal place of love never runs out of healing energy for you to receive.

Your body is transformed from the inside-out.

The Weight Loss Happens As A Side-Effect

It’s a side effect from all the love and light you are showering upon yourself every day from the radiance of your spirit.

Making “self-sabotaging” choices just doesn’t “feel right” anymore because you know that you deserve true radiant health and happiness.

>From my perspective, from my own personal journey, and from watching thousands of other men and women go through this around the world…

This is the spiritual path of weight loss.

And it will set you free.

Open up and receive the love and light even bigger and brighter than you ever have before.

You deserve it.

Thank you for cherishing your body and shining the light of your spirit onto yourself. You are making the world a brighter, more loving place to be.

Your Friend, Love and Light,


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