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by Devian Day

How’s it going? Today I have another sizzling entry from “Dirty Diary” that I just HAD to share with you.

Take a look…


“Dear Diary,

My girlfriend did something yesterday that I would have never expected. She’s usually not the type to take it upon herself to suggest new things to do, especially in bed.

I guess something special was in her coffee this morning.

I was curled up on the couch after a long day of work, watching re-runs of my favorite show I had recorded on my DVR the night before. I heard her walk in the door and gave her my usual “what up babe” without turning my head.

Had I turned around I would have noticed she was wearing a long coat wrapped tightly around her waist, holding a brown paper bag which seemed to contain a box of some sort. Instead, my eyes lay intently on the show I was watching.

“Hi Baby” I hear in a voice I rarely hear from her lips. This was a voice I was familiar with, but only when it was really, really ON. She’s usually shy about her sexuality, and it rarely comes out in full force in our sex life…and never in the middle of the afternoon.

Or so I thought.

I turn around to find her still wearing her coat. This was odd because it was fairly warm in our apartment as we hadn’t had the AC running in a couple days. She was holding a package wrapped in brown paper.

Now, I’m a fairly open minded guy, but I have my doubts when it comes to new things. I guess its safe to say that I’m pretty thick headed (or so my mom has told me my whole life) so I was skeptical as to what she was doing.

“I have a surprise for you, but only if you agree to certain conditions”

What the…? Where did THIS come from? She’s usually a shy girl who barely speaks up about little stuff like “where to eat diner” or “what movie to see.” This move alone got me intrigued to say the very least.

“Ok….well what do you have in mind?”

I’m definitely confused at this point. She’s talking with a hot raspy voice, wearing some kind of trench coat and holding an unmarked package. And its still light outside. Either she’s a secret agent all of a sudden or I’m in for something crazy.

“You’ll find out, but first you have to agree to play a game with me without touching me until we’re done.”

Ok. Nothing is making sense anymore. But … I’m very curious now and want to know more.


She unwraps the package to reveal a board game with hearts and candles on the cover. I perk up on the couch and tear the plastic off the box. Very interesting. I think I know where this is going…

I open the game up and grab the book that came with it. As I’m doing this I see her take off her trench coat thing. FULL lingerie underneath. I’m talking stockings, garter belt connected (with those hot strap things) to a lace thong, topped off with the sexiest corset I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh, and it was all black.

I understand now.

My jaw is practically to the floor at this point. I cannot believe the audacity of this girl…its almost like I’ve never met her in my entire life. Something had grabbed me hard. Something big.

As we began playing this “game” I realized that I had not been this turned on in a long, long time. I tried like hell to resist the primal urges I was feeling. I tried to follow the “no touching” rules…I really did. But something came over me like never before.

I was in some sort of lust driven trance. My eyes glazed over as I felt my cock get hard, and harder. The way she sat there, radiating sensuality and tempting me with her vixen like appearance, it was impossible to resist.

Needless to say, we never finished the game. In fact, I don’t even remember how to play it, or what it was called. All I remember is there being cards, some body chocolate, and maybe dice?

Honestly I have no idea. And it doesn’t matter.

She’s turned me into a believer. I was never into these “sex games” before, but as we tried our hardest to play by the rules, something deep inside struck me.

I still have no idea where this came from in her, but I couldn’t be happier that it did.

And I can’t wait to “play” again.”


Oh… the games we play.

Imagine the power a simple game can have your sex life by giving you permission to act on all of those naughty desires you have hidden deep inside of you.

What better a vessel can you ask for to take you from “conversation” to hot and nasty dirty talk, skyrocketing the sex drive in both you and your partner and dramatically changing your sex life…all by means of innocently following the rules given to you by something specifically designed to drive both of you into a deep sexual trance?

I’m sure you’d agree that the answer is…nothing at all.

And what’s the absolute BEST and EASIEST game to play?

I’ll tell you. It’s simple, and you can play it whether your in person or thousands of miles away.

Call it what you want…”cat and mouse,” “cops and robbers”…or even just plain “tag”…with a little twist.

NOTHING is more fun for a man than to chase a woman. And you can do that by dangling a potential fantasy in front of his face (or cell phone, computer, even hand written note stuffed in his pants pocket).

Men want what they can’t have. They crave a challenge to conquer in order to “win” the beloved prize. And when they get something WITHOUT a challenge, it loses the value of being earned.

Guess what? YOU are the prize. And with a simple tweak in your attitude, you can become the luscious prize he will obsess over winning…for as long as you want to make him wait, even to the point of begging for your erotic indulgence.

I explain this concept – and how to do it with a whole lotta fantasy filled feisty fun – in detail in my new eBook “Dirty Dialogue” – you can check it out here–>>

You’re gonna have a BLAST with this one …

Stay Dirty,

Devian Day

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