A New Year’s Prayer For Women Entrepreneurs

The Role of Feminine Leaders in 2009 series
By Gina Ratliffe

Happy New Year! And welcome to our secret gathering in the Queen’s community, where there’s going to be a very, very special–not only gathering of all of our souls and spirits and hearts and missions–I’m also going to be unveiling to you what I’m really seeing and feeling and happening for us as feminine leaders.

You know, as women, as spiritual women, as sensitive women, so many of us have lived much of our life on the sidelines, right? Observing. Perhaps being invisible. Playing small. Not really letting our full light shine. Not letting all of the greatness come out of us.

We’ve been looking to other people to be the stars, and to be the leaders.

We’ve watched other people have the microphone and the money.

And what I want to embrace and announce here in our New Year is it is our time to have all of those things just mentioned.

I want to begin this year with a prayer because it is my belief that the power that we have as women, as soulful women, is that there is a power “in us, not of us.”

We must remember that for us to be grounded, for us to tap into this unlimited power, this unlimited love…will truly place us in a far greater position than even our own imagination could get us.

So let us pray,

“Dear God we come before you in complete belief and victory knowing that you have created us as exquisite feminine creatures.

Knowing that you love us as daughters, knowing that you are available to provide for us and to protect us.

And most importantly, to use us at this very interesting time here in the history of the world.

I pray that every woman reading this would be uplifted as a result of joining here in our Queen community and hearing the inspirational words that are meant for us all.

I pray that your grace, that your anointing, that your power, that your insight, and that your revelation would fill the hearts of every woman here.

For we know that we have all been created by You truly, “For Such A Time As This.”

And for such a royal and important purpose. I ask, God, that you would give us all the wisdom and the strength and the courage to take the risk to get out of our own way so that we can live the stellar queen-like existence that you already have planned for us.

And we pray this believing, Amen.

2008 Gina Ratliffe

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