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This is your friend Moira Shepard with a Miracle Minute.

Here is a thought from American author Florence Scovel Shinn:

Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to happen. Nothing is too good to last.

Many of us have a big problem believing that something wonderful can really happen to us. We’re always looking for the catch. We ask ourselves, where is the hidden price tag on this good fortune?

We assume that if something is positive, it must be illusory, fleeting or temporary. Whereas if something is negative, we assume it must be real and lasting.

Would you like to know how to recognize when something is truly good, real and lasting – rather than too good to be true? Would you like to know how reliable and real the bad news you receive really is? Would you like to know how it feels to trust that whatever happens, there’s a blessing in it for you – and how to recognize that blessing now?

If so, say “Yes” out loud right now and feel the energy flowing in through the top of your head.

Now, notice how you feel. Notice what’s different about your life in the coming week. And if you give thanks for those changes, it will trigger more miracles.

That’s your Miracle Minute with Moira Shepard. Have a miraculous day!

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