A Journey Of Self Discovery

I’m not sure if something similar happens in America and the rest of the world, but here in the UK our Government is forever urging us to provide ourselves and our children with at least five pieces of fruit or vegetables every day as the foundation for a balanced, healthy diet.

The food-chemist in me knows that this is good advice and, whilst I can concede that some days can go a little pear-shaped and the lure of MacDonald’s proves overwhelming occasionally, I usually manage to pack in the five-a-day without too much difficulty.

But I just had a sort of “Eureka!”. I’m not sure whether it was at the point where I realised that I needed to shed the seemingly-inevitable five-pound annual increase in my weight over holiday periods or when my son asked “Why aren’t you eating an apple with us right now?”.

But I do remember the flash of realisation that, like many other mothers I know, I just hadn’t been bothering to follow this balanced, healthy eating advice for myself.

Since that moment, I’ve gone mad for fruit and veg! I’m eating more than I’ve ever done before and I can honestly say I feel better for it. Which leads me to the point of this article. It’s been a while since I bothered to think about how I myself might benefit from a few little tweaks to my lifestyle, and I spend most of my working day in coaching other women to make the most of their lives!

Logic suggests that those of you who occupy yourselves in a different way are even more likely to have forgotten to look for those simple opportunities to make life more pleasurable and more rewarding.

Here’s my selection of my favorite general tips that work well whatever your particular focus is at the moment.

“Why not go out on a limb. Isn’t that where the fruit is?”

Choose your favorites from the juicy, refreshing self-esteem tips below. There are bound to be some that you like the look of, so please enjoy savoring them over the next few days.

1. Every Day Pick Something To Do A Bit Differently, And Well!

Pick an activity that you do most days, such as saying good morning to someone, having a shower, shopping for groceries or even going to bed at night and make a conscious decision to do it more consciously.

For instance, you could sing in the shower and finish it off with a cold dose of water all over to stimulate your senses; you could spontaneously pick up a fruit in the grocery store that you’ve never eaten before and give it a try; you could meditate before going to sleep. The possibilities are endless.

2. Don’t Forget About You

Putting aside a little YOU-time to nurture yourself each day can be a simple way to remind yourself that you’re worth investing in. Carving out an hour from your busy day can feel like an impossible mission for most women, so what I suggest is that you incorporate quality YOU-time into your daily self-care regime.

This is how it works: Never brush your teeth, your hair or apply skin creams when you’re thinking negative thoughts!

Stop and focus on changing your mood instead.

Then, when you’ve captured a positive thought or two, start brushing with care or take a bit of time to gently apply the cream and massage your face and body the aim is to enjoy the moment, however brief!

3. Ending Procrastination Ten Minutes At A Time

Quite often we procrastinate because a task seems too huge and daunting to contemplate. Perhaps your desk is in a mess but the thought of sorting it out makes you feel exhausted because you know it would take hours and hours. The key: just do it for ten minutes, no more. Then see how you feel. I bet the next time you think about your messy desk, the thought will not be so scary. So ask yourself: are you procrastinating over something? If so, give this a try.

4. Really Connect With Someone

One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to make someone else feel good first.

Reach out and touch someone’s heart with a small but noticeable gesture.

Good examples are things like play-fighting with a child, gently touching someone’s arm to show you that you care, sending one of our free eCards or giving someone a genuine compliment out of the blue. Often it’s the little gestures that can mean so much.

5. Hanging On? Let It Go

Most of us find ourselves clinging on to things (and people) for the wrong reasons. Are you doing that right now with someone or something? If so, why not practice letting go a little by finding something inconsequential in your home that you no longer need or like and just throwing it in the trash! Better still try recycling or resale, if you believe your items could be worth more to someone else. Just the act of letting go of something small could encourage you to let go of something more significant that is holding you back.

I practiced last week with some old cookery books that were clogging up my kitchen.

6. Choose “I Can!” Every Time “Can’t” Shows Up

See if you can absorb this quote into your everyday living:

It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees – Pasionara

Think of at least five things that make you feel like saying “I can’t”. Then write them down. Here are a few common examples, just to get you started:

“I can’t say THAT – they’d just laugh at me!”
“I can’t buy THAT for myself – I’m not worth it!”
“I can’t stand it when MY man looks at another woman!”
Once you’ve written them down, pluck up the courage to say “I can” to at least one of the items on your list. Say it and believe it! Life is never easy, but saying “I can’t” only makes it harder. A simple change of approach could open up a whole new world of discovery.

7. Self Hypnosis And Meditation

Often self-esteem building does require us to learn new skills and adopt different approaches but also there is a need just to repeat positive messages, chill out and start believing in ourselves more. Meditation or hypnosis offer great supplements to the more studious eWorkbooks that we’ve developed for women. Why not check out one of these options now?

8. An Idea For Your Body

A simple act of squeezing in your tummy, raising your chin and smiling gently to yourself can be so encouraging, especially if you’re having a really gloomy day. It’s as if the fighting instinct kicks in and possibilities open up. Try it now for a whole minute and see how it makes you feel. If you feel a little better, remember to use this easy technique daily.

9. Keep Your Eyes Looking Forward – Good Stuff Is Happening

Write down the following:

A positive thing that happened to me today was
Something I am looking forward to tomorrow is
Something I am looking forward to in the next couple of weeks is
Something I am looking forward to in the next six months is

10. The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself

What change can you think of that would impact positively on your self-esteem today? Write it down. Then do it!


I’d like to encourage you to consider each of these life tips, because I know from feedback that they have each proved their worth with a great many of our members.


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