relationshipIs there magic to what makes one relationship last longer than another?


Do some people just sit back and sulk, while others seem to let life go by right over their heads and problems? It sure seems so.

Or maybe it’s just that some people learn secrets of success from their grandparents or other relatives or friends.

And since the latter is probably more accurate, here are some tried and true…

Tips From People Who’ve Enjoyed A Long, Happy Relationship:

1. REFRESH – Take time to look back, refresh your memories and share what brought you together. Especially when times are difficult, lean back and rely on these old memories as your foundation and glue yourselves back together with them (not literally, of course!)

2. DATES – Keep dating each other. Even if life seems too busy, meet at the end of the evening for something light and easy, like viewing your favorite sitcom (record it if necessary) together or playing a game.

3. FUN – Couples tend to have fun on dates, then get married and too serious. Lighten up. Head to Yahoo Games (off main site) and join in any number of card or other games. Or head to a local rental shop and rent an Xbox or other game player and some games.

A relationship isn’t about “talking about the relationship.” It’s about experiencing things together.

4. FORGET – No need to “always” remember the bad things that happened during an argument. Actively “forget” sometimes. Be the first to apologize and make up. Go for it!

5. SPACE – Give each other some space. Either you trust or you don’t.

Get on with life, though. People need time alone and time with their mates and other friends.

Be sure to give and take your fair share of space. This sounds simple – but, actually, we women tend to want to spend every moment we can with our man – and that doesn’t allow YOU to breathe!  It doesn’t allow YOU to discover more of who you are and what you like – and discovering those essential things about you is what makes a relationship glorious.

Discovering ourselves doesn’t stop at some point, and then a relationship takes over.

Discovering YOU is your lifetime job, and then SHARING what you discover with a man you love just adds to everything.  It adds to you, and it adds to the relationship.

Not only that – as you discover more about you, new things you love and enjoy – you bring MORE to the relationship!

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  1. SR on May 12, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Love these tips! That’s a good point on going out and making new memories – continuing to forge new experiences together.

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