Valentine's Dayby Andrea Albright

Have you ever wondered why you start out with motivation when you first decide, “Yes! I want to lose weight!“…

But after a couple of days or weeks …

Somehow, the motivation you had in the beginning just doesn’t STAY. And you remember how you felt when you first started.

You remember BELIEVING that you were going to make it all the way to your goal weight, and that it was going to stick… But somewhere, sometime, somehow, you started to give in to your sugar cravings, and skip out on your workouts …

And it gets harder and harder to keep the dream alive.

Your goal vanishes into the distant horizon of your mind, until finally, there’s nothing left to do but to just give up because you can’t find the motivation to keep it going.

… How do I know this?

Because I’ve been there.

Many times.

After watching it happen over and over in my own personal journey of losing weight, and then watching thousands of other people go through this too… I began to see a pattern.

The more YOU can see this pattern, the more motivation you will have when you start and throughout your weight loss journey.

To understand WHY your motivation gets weaker over time, and WHAT you need to do in order to GET IT BACK each and every time it starts to slip…

Follow this chart.

This is the key to make your motivation last.

Here are the 7 stages…

1. Excitement

The first stage is where you have the most motivation because you are most excited about all the possibility that is front of you.

You also have the most potential for change during this beginning stage, and the clearer you get on your VISION of the body you want to create, the easier it will be to carry your vision and your motivation with you as you move through the next stages.

Take Action Steps –>

1. Visualization Exercise – spend 20 minutes in a quiet room, without interruptions (peaceful, relaxation music is okay if that helps you to focus and relax).

Sit in a comfortable position.

Slow down your breathing. Take deep, slow, full breaths all the way down into your belly.

Set a timer for 20 minutes.

Close your eyes.

See with your “mind’s eye” – the part of you that can see your future vision without any limits or judgment and is only full of love and potential – see yourself and your body in 30 days from now.

See her healthy and fit, and go through a “day in your life” 30 days from now.

See yourself eating healthy foods, and having more energy that makes you WANT to exercise and be healthy.

Go through as much detail as you can – what clothes are you wearing? what foods are you eating? what are you saying to yourself and others?

Visualize the “Future, Fitter YOU 30 Days From Now” until the 20 minutes are up.

Open your eyes and write down in a journal all the things that you can remember.

The clearer you can see all those details, the more your subconscious mind will lock onto that vision now…

And this is what will carry you through the journey of losing weight with more motivation than you ever dreamed possible.

Once you have that clear, focused vision, you’re ready to go into the next stage of losing weight…

2. Make it happen

This is where you take your vision, and put it into motion with action steps.

It’s important to clear out the old – get rid of unhealthy foods from your fridge, car, office, and anywhere that you spend time.

And this goes for old mindsets, beliefs, and negative thinking that is no longer serving you.

Think of this as the “detox stage” where you are making space for the new.

Once you have cleared out the old, take the steps to create and support your new, healthy choices.

Fill your fridge, car, office, and personal surroundings with healthy foods that will support your weight loss goals.

Fill your mind with positive messages, surround yourself with positive people, listen to voices that lift you up and charge you up (including those voices in your head ;).

Taking the first steps in your weight loss journey can feel strange but do your best to focus on the vision you have created for yourself.

The “Future, Fitter YOU 30 Days From Now” is going to feel comfortable taking these steps and making these choices.

Remind yourself where you are going and WHY you are doing it.

Now that the steps have been laid down, and you are taking action, you will find that your willpower is a key part of keeping moving.

3. Momentum Stage – Don’t Waste Your Willpower!

Willpower is a powerful source of energy when used in the right way, but it can be wasted on things that don’t matter or possibly even hurt your success.

Willpower is limited. But when you apply it to something that will support you daily, it will keep you motivated day after day.

It can set you up for massive success when you apply it to a system that supports you now and will continue to support you in the future.

For example, your willpower is strongest at different times of the day.

Notice when you have it the most, and then structure your eating times, exercise times, and shopping times when you know you will have it the most.

And when you feel high levels of willpower, TAKE ACTION on something that will support you day after day:

• Post your goals in an online community and ask for accountability and support

• Enroll in a series of exercise classes so you know you’ll show up

• Make a bet with your exercise buddy that you’re going to make all your exercise commitments over the next 21 days or you have to pay a price or give something up, etc.

In other words, do something that will effect you now and in the future when your willpower won’t be as high.

The more you use your willpower to stick to your goals, the more you will have confidence in yourself, and the more and more motivated you will become.

4. Post-Momentum Stage

Like I said, the willpower does not last.

You have to expect that willpower cannot, and will not, carry you through it…

Which is why the Action Steps that you took in the last stage are there to support you as your willpower is starting to die off.

5. Plateau

This is the most difficult stage to go through, and the stage where most people give up.

The Plateau is where everything seems to come to a stall.

Your willpower is gone.

You stop losing weight as quickly, and it’s so easy to give up on yourself when you’re feeling tired, alone, and unmotivated.

You have two choices:

1. Give up (again)

2. Get a place to refuel

This is the pivotal moment when the path splits into two choices, and whatever path you choose effects whether you go into “yo-yo” dieting where you will just gain the weight back all over again…

Or it will take you down the path where the journey continues.

6. Re-Charge

If you choose to keep going on your healthy weight loss journey, you will need to re-energize and re-fuel yourself so that you can make it through.

Here are some ways that you can refuel:

• Call a supportive, uplifting, positive friend (make sure that they are onboard to support you in your healthy weight loss journey and not want to secretly sabotage your success because they are ashamed of or destructive in their own health and/or weight loss journey)

• Plug into a supportive community – there are thousands of other people who are going through this healthy weight loss journey at any given moment in the day.

The more you can relate to other people and support them through their journey, the more inspired you will feel about moving forward on your own.

And you never know what words of advice you can get from others who are also going through this, or if they’ve been through this, they will give you the support you need to keep going.

• Find inspiration inside of yourself!

Remember your vision.

Remember WHY you want to make this happen for your body and for your life.

And once you are refueled and realigned with your meaning for WHY you are on this healthy weight loss journey, it’s time to move onto the next stage…

7. Re-focus

Every time you get up a hill, you see that there are other hills to climb, and as far as I can see, the journey never stops unless you want it to.

You can ALWAYS get healthier, fitter, happier with your body and with yourself.

Every time you get to re-focus on your weight loss journey, you get to dream bigger, reach higher, and grow more in the direction of your greatest dreams.

Set your goals, see the vision, and go for it!

And once you reach this final stage, the journey still doesn’t end.

It keeps going.

So go back to Stage #1 … and repeat!

It’s a wheel.

And that means every part is equal in value.

When you divide 7 into 100, you see that very stage only requires 1/7th of the whole – or 14.29% effort.

Remember this whenever you feel overwhelmed, no matter what stage you are in… it only takes 14.29% effort to make it through.

You will soon be onto the next stage, and you will be in the new space.

Nothing lasts forever. Enjoy every step of this journey.

I see the unlimited potential in you. You are on an amazing journey of growing into health and happiness more and more every day.

Never stop!

You CAN create the body of your dreams.

Your Friend In Natural Weight Loss,
Love and Light,


From Sarah: Andrea’s an amazing coach with her own amazing story of how she transformed her body into the one she has now (and her site and great ebook is called “Amazing Body Now“– a strong body that keeps her healthy and happy. She’s focused her life on helping others achieve the same goal. Check her out if you’re struggling with belly fat or want to keep losing weight or getting in shape.

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