datingHey guys, we’ve got some quick dating tips for you:

1. Avoid dating women who appear overly tired or stressed.

If you know the woman and she’s simply having a bad week, that’s one thing. But asking out a woman who is having a hard time dealing with something in her life should be a warning sign. Unless you are prepared to spend the evening listening to her issues, you are far better off waiting until she comes around and gets her life together.

2. Be a good “bad guy.”

Women love bad guys. They present a challenge and appear more masculine than men who walk the straight and narrow all of the time. Therefore, you need to develop your own bad boy streak while maintaining the straight and narrow. Women are more interested in men who tend to stray from the beaten path every so often.

3. Remember the basics of dating.

Dating is about having fun and getting to know the other person. It is not about deciding on the first date whether this is the woman you want to settle down with. You might decide that on your own, but that’s not the point of the normal first date! It is your responsibility to make sure that your date has an enjoyable evening and to ensure that she gets home safely.

4. Show strength of character.

Women want to be with men they can respect. Therefore, it is important to demonstrate signs of good character to the women that you date by being polite, using your manners, offering to pay the bill and letting her pay half if she insists. Show her that you are worth spending time with and that you will always be kind and respectful of her and others, and you are going to make a great impression from the very first date.

5. Know in advance what you are looking for.

Men often set out to find Ms. Right without defining for themselves the traits that woman will have. Take a few minutes to think about the traits that you would like to see in a long term partner. You’re not getting any younger, so once you have that list make a decision about whether the women you are dating now offer what you are looking for.

6. View dating like the lottery.

Don’t make the mistake of expecting every date to be perfect. Instead, look at dating like the lottery and realize that sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. And, most likely you are only going to hit big once. Even though you won’t necessarily find Ms. Right the first time around, keep trying. Dating is fun and there is a world full of women out there for you to get to know.

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