The holiday season is known for a time of joy, celebration, and love, but not for everyone.

If you’re single and feeling lonely, maybe you’d rather dodge the office holiday party and Netflix & chill instead. And don’t even mention New Year’s Eve – the only thing you can visualize kissing at midnight is your champagne glass.

But this holiday season doesn’t have to be filled with dread and sadness. Before you lose faith in happy endings, renew your heart with these “Single Survival Tips” and get into the holiday spirit.


Just because you don’t have a partner to share your heart and love with, doesn’t mean you don’t have any love in your life. This is the perfect time to focus on your friends and family and become inspired. Try to approach everything you do with a loving heart; every person you meet, share your love with him or her.

Give them the experience (in the most appropriate way of course) of what it would be like to be loved by you.

Create a nest of love in your life as preparation for your new love to arrive.


If you are looking for love, or getting over heartbreak, staying at home feeling sorry for yourself won’t increase your chances of meeting Mr. Right. It won’t make you feel any better. Don’t give this person that much power to make your life miserable. Go out, have fun and live your life to the fullest. Take advantage of being single and learn to enjoy your own company.

When you’re having fun, you are irresistible to everyone who can’t help but love you!

All relationships begin with the one you have with yourself. You can’t expect anyone else to treat you sweetly if you don’t know how to treat yourself. Many women hold back their greatness by waiting until someone “chooses” them to make them feel special. Don’t wait, if you desire a partner to treat you like a princess, you must be able to look into the mirror and see your value.

Give yourself the gift of self-love this holiday season and watch your love life reach new heights.

Whenever you find yourself getting down on love, switch your attention to a mantra that will bring you back to relief & on the road to faith again. You may say something along the lines of, “I am beautiful. I am loved. I am safe. I deserve to be loved, and I deserve to love. I am in perfect harmony with the energy of true love.” Repeat this ten times a day along with a meditation for 30 days and your life will become more beautiful and change in ways you’d never imagined.

Before you go off to that party, it’s natural to wonder if maybe tonight will be the night where you meet “the one.” But if you’re continually thinking this way, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. The universe knows that you want love, and so all the details are being lined up behind the scenes. Your job is to have the faith that it will show up at the right time and to listen to your gut.

Instead, have the intention to share your love, stop focusing on your imperfections and celebrate who you are & who you are becoming.

From Sarah at LoveRomanceRelationship: Irene Elias works with women who love deeply and wish to experience greater love within themselves and in a romantic relationship – but don’t feel that they’re good enough or treat themselves sweetly. If this speaks to you, please visit Self Love Junkie.


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