binge eatingHi Rori,

The only way to avoid overeating and “binge eating” at holiday parties is to be prepared ahead of time.

If you go simply hoping that your “willpower” will carry you through it, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment, cravings, and fat storage.

This year, you can show up with confidence knowing that you are going to be in control, even if everyone else around you is not.

Here Are The 5 Things You Can Do To Avoid Overeating And “Binge Eating” At Holiday Parties:

1. Call ahead and ask about the menu

And don’t just stop with the menu. Feel free to also ask about ingredients. Many people are
always “sneaking in” butter and fat into dishes that you would think are healthy.

2. Eat a small “mini-Meal” prior to the event

If you arrive on an empty stomach, then your blood sugar levels will be dangerously low and your body will be desperate for energy.

This is what’s going to lead you straight to the most fattening dishes because your body knows where to get the calories and the sugar rush that it’s craving.

Eat a small, healthy “mini-Meal” before you leave and you will arrive with a positive mood, lots of energy, and no cravings!

3. Go for the salad first

This should always be your first stop so that you guarantee your body is getting the nutrition it needs and you’re filling up on healthy options.

4. Choose lean sources of protein and vegetable-based dishes

Be open to vegetarian options. Plant sources of protein include lentils, soy, quinoa, and tempeh (made of fermented soy beans).

The next leanest proteins are fish, seafood, turkey and chicken, in that order. Beef is one of the most fattening protein sources.

5. Eat fruit for dessert before you take a bite of sugar

Eat plain fruit first, before heading to that desert tray. This way, you can actually take a couple of bites of your favorite holiday deserts without eating the whole thing!

Getting a healthy sugar fix will prevent intense sugar crashes, sugar withdrawal symptoms and added weight gain.

When you plan ahead, it’s amazing how much more willpower you have to pass on the fattening foods and say YES to healthy holiday feasting.

Every time you follow these 5 simple steps to avoid holiday binge eating, it gets easier and easier.

Soon, this will become your new healthy habit, and it will become second nature without any struggle or feeling like you’re sacrificing on pleasure.

You will love the inner confidence, amazing energy, and satisfaction you feel from knowing you are celebrating the holidays the healthiest way possible without binge eating and fat storage.

I want you to have access to this information and the inspiration that you need to be healthy this holiday season so you can go to holiday parties without binge eating and STOP storing fat…

And I want to make sure that there is nothing stopping you from living your healthiest holiday season ever.

This is the year!

Your Friend,
Love and Light,


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