Is there Only One Soul Mate For Me?

We will have many soul mates in our life time. In addition, we will many kinds of soul mates along our journey.

Some soul mate connections are in our human experience briefly while others are in place for most or all of our lives.

Some are in depth and rich while others are seemingly simple or meaningless. They all matter and have value. There is never and encounter we were not meant to have be it short, long, in depth or seeming surface and simple. Soul mates assist us in shaping our own soul growth and we made an agreement before we arrived on Earth to live out these life experiences together.

Five Steps to Finding Your Soul Mate

If you are frustrated with trying to find the love of your life, keep attracting the wrong relationship, and feel like you have some sort of invisible relationship blocks, then learn the steps to finding your soul mate.

Recognize resistance and what change wants to come through it. Resistance presents itself through our emotions. Pay attention to the emotions that present in you to get clues into what you’re resistant to.

Here are what emotions to look for:

  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Doubt

When you fully accept you have resistance, you can dive in deeper to learn more about what’s going on in that area.

Realize how powerful your emotions are to take a stand in your life.

The best guidance you can possibly have is your emotions. Many people see emotions as negative, but, in truth, they are always a part of you. They are essentially the closest you can get to your soul self!

When you learn how to recognize and be aware of your emotions, you take a stand in controlling your life.

Your emotions are the right guidance at all times. If you are aware of your Clairsentience (clear feeling), then you know how right your gut feeling is at all times. You can say the same about your emotions because they act as a sign to alert you to what is true for you.

Know that however you are different, it’s okay.
Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says, “Co-Exist.” It has multiple symbols from different cultures of faith on it.

We all have different beliefs.

Whatever you believe in may not be the same as another person and that is okay. There is nothing wrong with you because it is more fallacy to think that we have to agree than disagree.

Part of our soul’s intention is to explore and gain wisdom from many different beliefs and experiences, not just one or two. We learn from many.

As you appreciate others for the differences in their beliefs from yours, you honor yourself and the other person. You may even learn a thing or two from them that is explained differently to you than what you originally believed.

Let others off the hook

Give yourself and others the freedom to be free from expectation. You can’t rely on them for your own happiness. See the good in what they do instead of what they do wrong.

Know you are never alone

Find what makes you feel like you are alone. When you get to the root cause of why you feel you aren’t loved, you clear out this energy block to finding your soul mate.

Soul Mate & Life Coaching
When you work through these steps, you will notice a transformation in your life. In my Finding Your Soul Mate Coaching program, I help you through these steps and more to bring lasting change and your soul mate into your life.

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